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Food For Thought Expo - A Tasty Way To Spread Awareness

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Food for thought expo was held last Saturday at the Fairfield Warde High School. It was the second such event in two years and saw numerous food lovers and health concerned individuals descend upon the venue in order to obtain information. The event which was hosted by the ‘Fuel for Learning Partnership’ saw the viewers eagerly take advantage of the healthy food resources offered. The event aimed at the improvement of the ordinary school lunch program as well.


The group chairperson Michelle McCabe divulged that the partnership had been formed with the specific intention of reducing obesity and related problems. The Food For Thought Expo also takes it upon itself to introduce the visitors to a host of business resources that provide healthy and wholesome, unprocessed foods. The organizers also extend their invitation to those businesses which provide sustainability along with making the local food sources available. The farmers in the area are encouraged to participate in the event as well.


The various participants at the Food For Thought Expo this year included were...


Fairfield Green Food Guide

This group occupied the farm resources region with the founder of the group Analiese Paik informing the visitors about the availability of sustainable and locally available food sources via her online directory. The range of listings varied from the names of the farms to farmer’s markets and restaurants serving green food.


The Milkman Company, Newtown

Ed Hartz, the founder of the company talked about the unique opportunity that his company provides by delivering the fresh farm products including various dairy products to homes in the old fashioned style of the milkman. He categorically stressed that he abhorred the recent practice of industrialization of food.


Children’s Nutrition Room

Aimee O’Brien, a member of the committee educated young children about the beneficial effects of eating different food products and encouraged them to participate in related activities. She also helped the children understand how the school lunch program could help in improving their health as well as specific parts of their bodies. The parents were informed about the right way to read food labels thereby helping them to make a healthy choice on behalf of their kids.


A couple of high school kids helped the participants understand the benefits of having their own kitchen garden. They were provided with small soil pods containing planted seeds in order to start. Numerous food samples right from honey, home grown bread, salsas, healthy fruit shakes, and unadulterated salads were on display helping the visitors to enjoy themselves along with gaining information at the Food For Thought Expo this year. The participants also got to meet their potential clients through this unique event aimed at spreading awareness the tasty way. 


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Food For Thought Expo - A Tasty Way To Spread Awareness