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Enjoy The Seafood With Louisiana Crawfish Festival

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The Louisiana Crawfish Festival is a tradition that has been organized annually since 1975 in the lovely, historical St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana. Louisiana is famous for its bayous, seafood, Cajun food and the blues music. St. Bernard Parish overlooks the sinuous Mississippi river and is a neighbor of Crescent City, New Orleans.


So what is the Crawfish Festival all about? It is a mouth watering exhibition and sale of the best Creole soul food such as Cajun cuisine, boiled Crawfish, Crawfish Dishes such as Crawfish Bread, Crawfish Pasta, Crawfish Pies, Crawfish Rice, and Crawfish Jambalaya. All this food will take center stage ready to tickle your taste buds. People come to this seafood festival from all over the USA.


Who hasn’t heard of or tasted the Jambalaya or the Gumbo? If you haven’t then you should be going here and enjoying all the authentic food at the stalls. As if this isn’t enough there is live music, bands, parades and entertainment of every kind to keep you occupied when you are not chomping on the food. In addition to all of this, there is the spectacular arts and crafts sale that will get you buying the trinkets to keep for posterity as a remembrance of the good times you had here. There are also crawfish pageants to pick the Queens and the teenage queens of the seafood festival. Isn’t that fun?


Like every festival, here too you will find the carnival spirit with games, rides and children’s entertainment of every kind. The festivities then extend into the weekend and the fun never stops. So if you missed the first day, not to despair there are several more days to make up for it.


As for the Crawfish festival food specialties and other offerings, the list is mouth-watering and sure to satiate your palette. Cajun crawfish rolls, crawfish bread, crawfish cheese dip, crawfish fried rice, crawfish pasta, crab and potato stuffed salad, alligator sausage on a stick, crawfish wraps and quesadillas, jambalaya, crawfish cakes, soups and fried crawfish are few of the inviting items on the menu available there. There are a 100 more crawfish in every form of preparation waiting for you; hence, the name ‘Louisiana Crawfish festival’.


The Louisiana Crawfish Festival for 2011 starts March 25th and ends March 27th. There is no admission fee. So pack those bags and head over to Louisiana with an empty stomach and full of enthusiasm.


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Enjoy The Seafood With Louisiana Crawfish Festival