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Syfy unveils the future of food with a daring new hi-tech cooking series for the modern age, Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen, featuring Marcel Vigneron, one of America’s most notorious chefs on the cutting edge of the culinary field, on Tuesday, March 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.  Chef Marcel pushes the limits of imagination with his bold style of cooking referred to as molecular gastronomy, which incorporates science into cuisine preparation.


Fresh off of Top Chef All Stars, 30-year-old Marcel has already made a name for himself with his polarizing turn on the Bravo series and as the former head chef at one of Los Angeles’ hottest bar/restaurants, Bar 210. Marcel is constantly reinventing himself with cuisine, never preparing food the same way twice through the use of modern tools, techniques and his own creative inspiration to serve up mind-blowing confections.


Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen follows Marcel as he embarks on the next phase of his career at the helm of his own catering and event company.  In each one-hour episode, Marcel will be hired by a demanding client to produce and pull off extraordinary dishes and celebrations. Based on the clients’ requests, Marcel will have to dream up a menu and a spectacular execution of his ideas.   He taps into the depths of his imagination and culinary talents to brainstorm everything from the decor to a delicious menu that emphasizes his unparalleled brand of molecular gastronomy.  Some of the inventive dishes Marcel creates in the series include a flaming prawn that literally ignites at the dinner table to a futuristic flying pizza, a cube of watermelon that looks, smells, and tastes like tuna and a rice tablet that causes the diner's mouth to billow smoke when it's eaten.


The liquid nitrogen-toting Marcel has a lot to prove -- his reputation in the restaurant world is that of a seasoned molecular gastronomy chef extraordinaire, but he is still known to scores of Top Chef fans as a young and talented chef with an oversized ego.  While executing complicated experiments and ideas in the kitchen, Marcel is stoic and demands to be in charge.  But he is also surprisingly fun and engaging when outside the kitchen, taking his clients’ requests and dreams for a spectacular experience to heart.  His passion for food is unparalleled.  He’s an ingénue and food perfectionist who struggles with the belief that he just may be too big for his current kitchen.


Marcel invites three of his most creative culinary colleagues on his new adventure – mixologist and chef Devon Espinosa, cook, jack-of-all-trades and artist Jarrid Masse, and assistant cook and caterer Robyn Wilson. For his first event, a philanthropist hires Marcel to cater an elaborate event to increase awareness for the Wildlife Waystation, an exotic animal refuge and sanctuary.  Marcel and his team create an amazing safari-themed party.  The menu includes an edible map and “Himalayan Tiger’s Breath,” which is prepared using liquid nitrogen.  He and the event planner bump heads over the event décor.  But he will stop at nothing in order to pull off an evening filled with unforgettable dishes in a truly magical setting.  


For Marcel, working in the culinary field is not just a job; it’s a lifestyle.  He is living his dream as he continues to push perceptions and the boundaries of food preparation by introducing molecular gastronomy to the public.


“Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen” is produced by Mission Control Media.  Dwight D. Smith, Michael Agbabian, Andrew Scheer and Dana Leiken Richards are Executive Producers. 


Check out a promotional clip below, and don't forget to tune in on Tuesday, March 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT!



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Syfy has partnered with to give one lucky partner a FREE iPAD 3G! All you have to do is respond to this blog entry with a comment about what dish you would want Marcel to prepare for you. All legitimate comments will be entered into a drawing, and the lucky winner will be notified on March 28th. Deadline to enter the giveaway is on March 26th, 11:59PM PST. So what are you waiting for? Tell us what you would like Chef Marcel to cook for YOU!

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FrenchFryFairyTV's picture
I would love Marcel to make French fries with a unique twist to showcase his own personal flair! :)
FreezerBurns's picture
I would like Marcel to make an ice cream that catches fire. Can he do something that is cold and hot at the same time? Looking forward to seeing the show!
HollyMosier's picture
I would like Marcel to make a marvelous calzone with a mischievous use of the airspace in the pocket!!!
Mandy's picture
I think it would be wonderful for him to prepare a healthy snack for kids that motivates them to eat it by having some special reaction take place when they take a bite.
Jane's picture
Hi Chef Marcel, I would like you to make me a green smoothie with a cavity of open space inside of it that contains lumen, the Latin word for light. I know you can do it. Sincerely, Jane from Blend It and Mend It! username: BlenditandMendIt
2kidscooking's picture
We love snacks, science and sparkles, be great if Marcel could make a snack that sparkles with all of his cool culinary science!
StuartRebDonald's picture
My chef skills are more traditional. At the same time, I am fascinated with molecular gastronomy but I think I'll leave it to the pros. However, I have come up with a concept for a side salad - the Dirty Martini Salad. I see Romaine lettuce tossed with a vodka vinaigrette - I know, not too fancy. Then I want a skewer with three olives - one stuffed with bleu cheese, one with roasted garlic and one with anchovy. Garnish the entire thing with olive brine caviar and serve it in a giant martini glass. Make that for me.
madewithlove's picture
We would love to challenge Marcel to cook something extraordinary using our signature Crimson Love (garlic,rosemary and beetroot) Spice Blend.
Rob Barrett's picture
I'm looking for an Gourmet tuna noodle casserole.
NutritionNoob's picture
Hi Chef Marcel! Could you please make some very tasty Korean BBQ that shows fierce fire when cooking? Thanks!!! :)
PositivelyBeauty's picture
Hi Chef Marcel! I have a sweet tooth and I love macarons - could you make an iridescent or sparkling macaron? Pistachio, rose, or orange blossom please :)
JunetheHomemaker's picture
I would love for Chef Marcel to make me a dish that is designed to make noise - I want my food to sing to me! :-)
rawreform's picture
Wow, thanks for the entertaining dining alternatives :) As a raw foodist, I'd love to see Marcel create a raw key lime cheesecake that emits a plume of gently glittering lime-green mist with each fork-stroke, while maintaining the enzymatic raw potential of the food ;) xxx
Jenn's picture
Chef we would love to see you make a sorbet using canola oil. Perhaps a savoury palet cleanser or a fantastic way to end a great meal! Cheers.
Solo by Bonicelli's picture
Hi Chef! I am hoping something exploding with fennel pollen. Grazie!
BodyByJanalyne's picture
Hi, I would love to have Chef Marcel make me his version of Filet Mignon!
Steve of's picture
Hi Marcel, I have seen liquid nitrogen used to make magnets float before. I would love to see you use liquid nitrogen to make a floating dessert using a magnetic dish! That would certainly be an exciting treat for any occasion! Thanks! As a science major, and foody, I love the concept of this show!
WithoutBorders's picture
I'd like to see Chef Marcel do his take on an indian Vegetarian Thali and incorporate Mangoe Lassi as a sphere and smoke filled chai bubbles somewhere on the dish, as well as one air and one gel, and his take on a paneer cheese as a crispy texture for this dish....Go on then Chef.... Clayton Without Borders
specialdark's picture
I'd like to see Chef Marcel make something with cheese curds and whey :)
TheSaucymouth's picture
I would like to see Chef Marcel make a traditonal steak and potatoes. I also think sushi or sizzling fajitas would be cool too! I can't wait to see what item Chef picks out!
Jill.Hanner's picture
I'd love to see Chef Marcel make something all starting with the letter "O"
Dashama Konah's picture
I'd love to see A cooking series to prepare quick healthy snacks on the go that have low carbs and high fiber :)
Cookin.Greens's picture
I'd love to see Chef Marcel make Jambalya with his on twist on the dish, it's one of my favorites.
Blythe Metz's picture
For me and my audience, Food is about feeding our bodies what they need to regenerate effortlessly, so that we may stay healthy, beautiful and vibrant, all while tasting amazing. I'd like to see Chef Marcel use herbs as they were meant to be used, abundantly, to make a satisfying vegetarian dish.
woodswine's picture
We play a game sometimes to keep the kids entertained. You have to come up with three items that you like by themselves but which would go dreadfully in combination - chocolate, ketchup and asparagus etc. So Marcel, is it possible to create something edible and inspiring combining these three? Or if you're rellay up for a challenge, how about a dish involving tuna, parmesan and a shot of espresso?
CanolaOilGrowers's picture
Love the flare for the extra special! Would love to see Chef make something light dessert for summer!
JUAN's picture
Jeremy's picture
I want something syfy-inspired, but using only potatoes and corn... and maybe pizza!
DeliciousRevolution's picture
I am dreaming of a molecular gastronomy version of Thai style mango sticky rice complete with toasted rice or coconut, something with all the flare, foam and fire I've come to expect from this innovative and charismatic chef. Thank you for the inspiration.
abitnerdy's picture
Hmmmm... would love Marcel to make his version of Ice Cream Tiramisu... with extra rum ;)
LASates's picture
We're thrilled about Chef Marcel's new show! The new trend here in Los Angeles is beer cocktails. We'd love to see him one up that trend with something completely unexpected.
RVCookingShow's picture
My audience and I love to travel and love to eat – seriously fun business. And c’mon, we all know that meals cooked alfresco on the grill simply taste better. Since Chef Marcel is from one of my favorite corners of the US – Bainbridge, WA, I’d like him to do two things for me: 1) create a saucy, all-grilled NW seafood/veggie feast featuring sparkling salmon, glowing mussels and smokin’ Dungeness crab paired with local, cutting-edge libations at my RV campsite AND 2) cook with me side-by-side (or at least humor my presence), teaching me how to make (an at home version of) this taste sensation. He can be in charge and let me tell you, there’s no bigger kitchen than the great outdoors. Now that’s a road show!
SimplyDeliciousLiving's picture
I would love Marcel to make me a dish that ignites (literally and figuratively) my taste buds! Passion in cooking is everything. Show me what you've got! :) Good luck with the show! Maryann Ridini Spencer, ("Simply Delicious Living with Maryann,"
Anonymous's picture
We'd like to see Marcel make a dessert using vegetables. Windset Farms did a creme brulee using yellow bell peppers, we dare Marcel to best that ;)
Tony Brueski's picture
I would love to see him create a dish that reverses the properties of what we would expect. So a dish that normaly should be served hot - should be served cold (use an Anti-Griddle or something to "sear it"), and some that cold that could be served hot. Maybe sous vide the item. Just some ideas. Tony Brueski The Taste
SpiceItUpWithSaga's picture
coming from the exotic place of arabia, i would relish on the idea of seeing a creative mezza style feast al la marcel! with so many selections to play with such as falafel, baba ghanoush, or stuffed grape leaves, it would be fascinating to see how marcel would combine age old recipes with his modern flare of molecular gastronomy. go ahead and spice it up! thank you.
Hilah Johnson's picture
Chef Marcel! Make me a ginger-watermelon reduction sauce over duck confit with crispy basil and shallots! Puh-lease!! XO -hilah
Thindulge's picture
I know you specialize in food, but a cocktail that had a flaming garnish would be awesome!
DivasCanCook's picture
I would like for Marcel to make a calorie-free doughnut that contains cellulite eating properties when consumed. OMG I would so love you for that! If not, I'd settle for edible fireworks.
Chef Whitney's picture
I would like to to see an "IN-N-Out Double-Double Animal Style" Burger! Liquid "pop" burger, grilled onion "foam," secret sauce "dust," cheese crisp, and a frozen Brioche "air!" I would also like to work with him on a dish like this on his show...Marcel, check, I am the chef that took over your "Sur La Table" classes when you got the SyFy gig!!! Good luck, Chef Marcel, you rock!!!
a1angiem's picture
I would like to see Chef M make a unique variation of pot-stickers...something with a bit of kick and a lot of flavour...and then I'll watch him prepare it on my ipad! Thanks!
LetsTiki's picture
I'd love to see a Tiki/Tropical menu. Tiki goes really well with fire and smoke.
Sanaa Abourezk's picture
I would love for chef Marcel to make eggplant mosakaa with all his unique methods.
EatRelateLove's picture
I would love to see Chef Marcel create a Birthday cake that lights it's own candles and is frosted in ice cream that doesn't melt :)'s picture
We would like to see Chef Marcel to make South Indian Banana Fry. Team @
Frank F's picture
I would like Chef Marcel to make anything that involves chocolate and liquid nitrogen.
Diana Kaaha's picture
I challenge Chef Marcel to create an out-of-this-world meal that he thinks aliens would eat, yet tastes delicious and familiar to us humans. And I would like a bite, please!
Cathlyn Choi's picture
Being a Korean chef, I would like to see Marcel create the most popular and staple food of Koreans - Kimchi - which is a spicy korean pickled cabbage that usually takes 2-3 days to ferment. Perhaps he can bring Kimchi to another whole new level and add to his list of molecular gastromony dish. I would also like to see if Marcel can create a Kimchi flavored dessert. :-) This would most certainly get the attention of millions of Koreans!
The.Sauceress's picture
Marcel, make me a desert! I want an edible version of the Australian outback, with red sand, saltbush, and spinifex grass, snakes and insects. I want the rains to come and the desert to come alive, with rivers running, birds and flowers. And please put Ayers Rock (Uluru) in there too!
gfreeshow's picture
Hey Marcel! I'd love to see some gluten free action in the mix, but I'm new to molecular gastronomy so instead of using maltodextrin, maybe xantham gum? Anyway I think it'd be cool to see flaming flounder on top of a white wine or moscato gel. Other than that, I was thinking maybe a g-free chocolate lava cake using brown rice four and strawberry/orange gelatin strings....regardless I think that'd be great to see anything gluten free! :)
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