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Yet Another Food Scandal: Illegal Additive Found In Chinese Pork!

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Pork Scandal

China is in the news again with a brand new food scandal. Reports published in leading Chinese newspapers cited that an illegal additive was found from certain pork products produced from the largest meat processor of China, Henan Shuanghui Investment and Development Co. This incident forced the meat processor to temporary halt the operations at the reported subsidiary so that the investigations can be completed. Henan Shuanghui has also apologized for this incident.


In the statement to the Shuanghui Group, the parent company of the meat process, Henan expressed "deep apology for the incident in the unit, which had troubled consumers".


The year 2008 saw a major food scandal when a certain chemical was identified in watered-down milk which claimed the lives of countless babies, while thousands of people became sick.


According to the current scandal, products that have been sold under Shineway brand of the group were processed from pigs that were given clenbuterol, an illegal additive. This is a chemical that enhances the development of muscles and brining of fat so that the pork produced will be a leaner one. The chemical, which has the bad reputation of being ‘lean meat powder’ among the farmers, is a prohibited additive in China. Consumption of this chemical can cause dizziness, excessive sweating and heart palpitations in human beings - the major reason behind the ban.


The shares of the listed company have been suspended till authentic findings will be released. This is a measure adopted by the company "to avoid major impact on the company's stock price".


An industry analyst, who works in Haitong Securities, mentioned that if other producers also start inculcating this habit, it can prove to a massive shock to the region, worse than the 2008 food scandal. The pork products of the group are off the shelves of supermarkets, but despite the seriousness of the incident China Meat Association has mentioned that there are very less chances of this incident to be a widespread one.


“It's only an isolated case and was only found in one Shuanghui company. It won't bring destructive damage to either the industry or Shuanghui," said the He Zhonghua, spokesperson of China Meat Association.


A report published in the website of Shanghai Food Safety claims that about 18 outbreaks of clenbuterol poising have been reported between 1998 and 2007. One person has lost life, while 1,700-plus people have been reported sick due to this additive poisoning.


The latest food scandal was reported for the first time by China Central Television. And this scandal has come during a time when the dairy industry is recouping from the loss it suffered due to the 2008 milk scandal.


Nothing else can be done other than to wait till the official reports of the food scandal are available. Let’s hope that it is an isolated case!


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Yet Another Food Scandal: Illegal Additive Found In Chinese Pork!