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Pepsi Co Launches 100% Plant-Based Bottle

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It’s not easy to be a marker player. With lot of competition in today’s market, each and every company tries to be creative and consumer friendly. Plant-based bottle is all over the news. Yes, I am taking about the 100% plant-based bottle launched by the PepsiCo.





Environmental and health Damages


We all know that the amount plastic recycled and used by the food and beverage manufacturers constitutes a huge use of resources.  Most of the bottles found among the plastic waste contain leftover drinks and it can cause major environmental and health damage.


Plant-based Bottle


Coca Cola, one of player in the beverages industry came up with their plant-based own green bottle in 2009, but that innovation was only 30 percent plant-based.


PepsiCo is now at the at most position, as one of the world's largest food and beverage businesses to launch the 100 percent biodegradable soda bottle. Pepsi's new bottle is 100% safe to use.


According to chief executive Indra Nooyi, "The basic rule of business model is to bring to life the essence of Performance with Purpose. The mode of achievement was through the Source agricultural by-products from foods business to manufacture a more environmentally-preferable bottle for beverages business'.


PepsiCo proudly claims that it has created a bottle that is 100% plant based, with a molecular structure identical to PET, the plastic used for bottles. The bottle is fully recyclable, without any special amenities required. On the other hand 100% plant based bottles, while impressive sounding, can’t be recycled through traditional means. Safe disposing of these kinds of bottles requires professional grade composting system and there are only few companies which specialize in this technique.


The research has been well thought and well executed: Initially it will include switch grass, pine bark and corn husks. PepsiCo intends to include orange peels, oat hulls, potato peels and other agricultural by-products. With the exception of switch grass, a hardy plant that can be cultivated in places food agriculture cannot, all of the inputs can come from the remnants of Pepsi’s food brands production.


This interestingly smart move will minimize dependency on petroleum for raw material, it will reduce waste generation in production, and it will generate further good will from customers, as their Refresh project has.


Totally this was a win-win for PepsiCo's plant-based bottle pertaining to the business on a long run, having there brand on the top notch.


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Pepsi Co Launches 100% Plant-Based Bottle