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2 US States Break Into Fight Over A 'Whoopie'

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The frost filled hamburger sandwiches now has two states at loggerheads. They are engaged in a tough fight over a 'whoopie' at present. The delicacies are known to disappear fast from the Burkhart's Bakery located at the Root’s Country Market of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. And the local residents simply cannot seem to have enough of the sweet delight. However, it has got two states fighting over a whoopee now, something quite unprecedented in recent years. The owner of the Bakery claims that the pies had originated in Pennsylvania, but Maine begs to differ and hopes to install the sweet pie as its official dessert before too long. This has resulted in widespread outrage with people rooting for their own locality even as 2 US States break into fight over a 'whoopie'.


The fight over a 'whoopie' has now escalated beyond control with huge digital placards and videos being put up to ‘Save the Whoopie’. This was a move from the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention who put it up on their website saying that Maine is committing a confectionary larceny as they are intent on fighting over a whoopee.


However, the fight over a 'whoopie' might have considerably more at stake since it means big business. From the small Mom and Pop establishment based in both the states, the whoopee has travelled to the Harrods of London, and is doing a brisk business in the heart of New York as well. The dollars that are at stake certainly makes it worth fighting over a whoopee.


The general manager of the Hershey Farm Restaurant and Inn holds the annual whoopee festival which sees well over 2,000 whoopies being made. It is of little wonder therefore that the states feel the need to fight over a 'whoopie' .


While most believe the pie to be of Amish origin, the founder of the Maine Whoopie Pie Association vehemently disagrees taking the fight over a 'whoopie' even further. Amos Orcutt, the person in question, says that it is disturbing for him. He claims that the Pennsylvanian residents are insecure about the origins and have started the fight over a 'whoopie'.


Whatever, be the origin, there has been quite a few rounds of debate over passing of the bill that will make the humble pie the official dessert of Maine. A lawyer has also filed a suit claiming that it is unhealthy and endorses the blueberry pie instead. The fight over a 'whoopie' drags on meanwhile with no immediate solution in sight.

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2 US States Break Into Fight Over A 'Whoopie'