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Veterans Return To Their Own In Farming

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Vets farming

What can be better than to see the war veterans return to farming? The men who have been engaged in protecting the land now find themselves tending it. Slipping into the civilian way of life had never been a simple task for the war time officials, but the idea is certainly gaining ground as combat veterans return to farming. The erstwhile troops are not unaided either! A number of groups are keen to help them by providing training, as the veterans return to their own in farming.


The Farmer Veteran Coalition of California along with the Veterans Sustainable Agriculture Training Program as well as the Nebraska's Combat Boots to Cowboy Boots Program also provide ample support and funding in order to make the veterans and farming gel together.


The dean of the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture is full of praise for the effort put in order to make the veterans return to farming. He clarifies his stand by citing that almost 45% of the military troops belong to the rural communities making it easier for the veterans and farming to become compatible. He expresses his whole hearted support behind the move that makes the veterans return to farming stating that, the opportunities are few and far between for the troops to get involved in rural life once they are done with their military responsibilities. This  makes them seek out alternatives in the urban sector which is never appealing as the rural veterans find farming more ideally suited.


NCTA aids the military men in returning to their roots by providing them with low interest loans as well as the technical know-how. This makes the veterans return to farming with renewed interest as they are now assured of a livelihood as civilians.


While the program sees only about six veterans return to farming currently, Sleight, the dean of NCTA sees an increase in the scope of the program and hopes to make more than 50 veterans return to farming later in the Fall season.


The New York Times quotes Colin Archipley of Archi's Acres who states that the program has succeeded in making the veterans return to farming as it helps to imbibe them with a sense of purpose and responsibility once they hang up their boots and become a part of the civil society.


Archipley teaches the basics of sustainable agriculture including hydroponics to the ex-military men and help the veterans return to farming once their days of gun toting are over.

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Veterans Return To Their Own In Farming