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10 Most Difficult Foods To Eat

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Before telling you about the 10 most difficult foods to eat, I would like to tell you about what made me write this blog. I have read that a restaurant in Miami was sued for not informing a guy about how to eat an artichoke and interestingly the same thing happened in Maryland eatery where an eater was not instructed about how to eat mallets and shellfish at the table. It was then I thought of compiling the list of most difficult foods to eat.  


  1. Coconut: One of the foods that is difficult to eat. The fleshy nut is protected or covered with a shell, which is hard to break. I feel you all will agree with me for making the choice of coconut as one of the prime foods that are difficult to eat.


  2. Pomegranate: These are also considered as one of the difficult foods to eat, because the outer cover is tough to crack. The edible seeds are extracted by breaking the cover using knife or some tough object.


  3. Winter squash:  I don’t think that there is a need to say that the winter squashes are one of the difficult foods to eat because all of us know that their shells are to be cracked for deriving the fleshy interiors. The winter squash with the tough shell are distinguished by their dark –yellow to orange flesh.


  4. Mangoes: Some may ask me why mangoes are listed as one of the most difficult foods to eat. Then my answer is that the raw mangoes are painful to eat. The seeds and the areas around it really give you a tough time.


  5. Artichokes:  By now you might have understood that they are one of the most difficult foods to eat.  They give you tough time if you are not armed with forks.


  6. Lobsters: They indeed deserve to be in this list of the foods that are difficult to eat. You can have bitter experiences if you are not armed with specialized equipment that snubs out their telson, mouth parts and tomalley.


  7. Mussles: If you are equipped with a sharp fork then they don’t deserve to be in this list.


  8. Escargots: Escargot brings to you a scene from the famous movie Pretty Lady where the shell of the escargot slips and goes flying.


  9. Dungeness Crab:  The meat extraction may take about 20 minutes but I ensure that the labor is worth.


  10. Sushi: Sushi may give you tough time especially if the pieces are larger.


Master the art of eating these difficult foods and enjoy their exquisite tastes.


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