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The Bard College Is US' No. 1 Dinner Party School

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Bard College tops US Dinner Party SchoolsBard College has won the award for being the numero uno dinner party school of the United States. The leading dinner party school honor was conferred in Bard College by the Princeton Review. With this, Bard College and dinner party have become synonymous. This topmost dinner party school located in the Hudson Valley of New York city came third in 2010 Princeton Review.

Bard College and dinner party are the talk of the town and the college had always been notorious for its dinner parties. This top notch dinner party school has always maintained its top positions in categories like “roasting pine nuts with friends while discussing summer internships, and cooking with woks”.

"Whether it's an intimate gathering of friends making vegetarian lasagna or an all-out potluck for studio-art majors, Bard students like to throw dinner parties, and they like to throw dinner parties hard," an excerpt from the rankings read. "It's almost impossible to walk the campus of this 2,000-student college on a Friday night and not hear the sound of Yellow Tail Pinot Noir bottles uncorking and Brian Eno's Here Come The Warm Jets album wafting across the quad."

"Potential applicants are advised to save some room for homemade vegan snickerdoodles, because this is one dinner party school that is not for lightweights," concludes the excerpt.

According to the Princeton Review survey, more than 80% students of this dinner party school attend the dinner parties "frequently to quite frequently”, while 60% choose picking up artisanal cheeses from market over their studies. This dinner party school conducts dinner parties ‘seven days a week". So there is no wonder Brad College and dinner party has come to an extent where Brad College has become the synonym for dinner party.

Michael Lee, a fresh man at Bard College and dinner party, says, "People go crazy here with the dinner parties”. He said that this dinner party school has the status of being a college which holds dinner parties throughout the evening. "I've been to dinner parties where guys show up with baguettes under both arms and just go for hours talking about Joanna Newsom or whatever. It's nuts”, adds Lee.

The attempts of the admin to cut down the dinner activities of this dinner party school have bagged mixed results.

"The bottom line is that kids here are always going to throw dinner parties," says the associate deal Mark Halsey. "No matter how hard we crack down, students will still find a way to get fresh produce from the local farmer's market and make a big garden salad or puree some root vegetables. Some of them may even whip out Apples to Apples after dinner and play that while sipping on some limoncello. All we can do is try to make sure it doesn't get out of hand."

Continued Halsey, "That's why we have a strict policy that any student attending a dinner party with more than four courses will be immediately suspended."

Despite the attempts of the college to curb the parties at dinner party school, the students have insisted on continuing the routine.

"I've already got three coming up this weekend," said sophomore Marissa Booth, holding up a handmade invitation made from a cut-up black-and-white photocopy of musician Kim Gordon scrawled over in colored pencil. "Although I won't be able to attend Jane's ravioli-making party because of my gluten allergy."

So, congrats Bard College for being the topmost dinner party school of the US!


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The Bard College Is US' No. 1 Dinner Party School