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Tequila at the Cosmopolitan, Vegas Style!

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I was lucky enough to have a couple of weeks in Vegas having every cocktail and cuisine  avai that exsisted. Blue Ribbion Sushi Bar, which is carrying Toro de Lidia Tequila, just so happen to be having a tasting for their out of town guests. I was one of them. Besides having the best sushi I have had in years, I come from a small town where seafood is like rubber, I had a Jalapeno mixed drink with Toro de Lidia. mmmmm....

crush salt & jalapeno to place on the rim.

agave nectar & jalapeno crush together

2 ounces of Toro de Lidia Tequila

1.5 half ounces of lime juice, or tamarindo or karkarde

shake & add a splash sprite *which i recommend or club soda. 


Image Credit- wfayew.blogspot

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Tequila At The Cosmopolitan, Vegas Style!