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Top 10 Exotic Edible Plants In The World


exotic edible plantsEver wanted to try eating something exotic, something that the world has not awakened to yet! If yes, but didn't know what to look for exactly, then here is the list of top 10 exotic edible plants that are all set to become the next big thing in the world of gourmands. So, read on and take tips...


  • Romanesco broccoli– This exotic edible plant is found mainly in Italy, hence the name. The plant belongs to cruciferous family and has an exotic green color. It can be cooked and consumed like broccoli but overcooking it may change its texture.


  • romanesco brocolliDurian – Durian is considered to be the ‘king of fruits’ in most parts of South East Asia. It has a strong odour which can even lead people to vomit. However, the flesh of this exotic fruit is considered to be full of flavor.


  • Paw paw– This fruit belongs to the banana family. It is considered to be a treat for the locals of North America. It is very popular among organic growers as it hardly needs any insecticides. It is usually used for baked desserts or for fresh juices.


  • Jabotacaba – Jabotacaba, also known as ‘Brazilian Grape’ is mostly eaten raw as a fresh fruit. This fruit tastes like plum and gets fermented very quickly. Once fermented, jams, squash and tarts can be made out of it.


  • kiwano horned melonKiwano melon– As the name suggests this exotic plant belongs to the melon family. It looks like an oval melon with horns all over it. The flesh of this fruit is very gelatinous and tastes like very sweet cucumber.


  • Dragon fruit– This is a pink colored fruit belonging to the cactus variety. This exotic fruit when cross sectioned has white flesh with black grains. It has a mild sweet and nutty flavor.


  • Buddha’s hand – It is difficult to say how this fruit got its name. It is popular in some parts of India and China. It has gained popularity into western cooking also. The skin can be used to give a lemony zest to the food whereas the flesh tastes amazing with fish or in salads.


  • star fruitStar fruit – Star fruit gets its name from its shape. This highly acidic fruit has a sweet and tangy flavor and is consumed raw. One can sprinkle some chilli powder and salt over it to get the amazing flavor.


  • Monstera Deliciosa – This fruit has a very pungent smell. The flesh of this plant tastes like pineapple and can be consumed when the fruit ripens.


  • Goatsbeard– This exotic plant is known for its fishy flavor and is also referred to as ‘oyster plant’.  It brings amazing flavor to any kind of fish stew and curry.


Next time you get a chance try out one of these exotic plants.


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Top 10 Exotic Edible Plants In The World