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Chocolate Bar Billboard Contends For World Attention


A gigantic chocolate bar billboard has been put up in front of a confectionary factory in Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. This gigantic chocolate bar billboard idea has created a stir in the advertising world. No one has ever created such huge chocolate bar billboard before. This gigantic chocolate bar billboard is 166 metres wide and 28 metres high. The billboard is big enough to cover the outer surface of the factory and is visible from a distance.



Why do you think such a gigantic chocolate bar billboard has been created in Japan? As we all know that Valentines Day is just round the corner. People all over the world celebrate this day by giving flowers and chocolates to their valentine. One cannot think of this special occasion without chocolates. Whether you present your valentine with a bar of chocolate, give him/her a chocolate cake or plan for an exquisite chocolate dessert, chocolate is the essence of Valentines Day. Japan is no exception to this. In Japan, it is customary for Japanese women to present chocolates to Japanese men on Valentines Day. Thus, on Valentines Day, the rush for buying chocolates in Japan is something one should experience. This chocolate bar billboard has been put up keeping this spirit of Japan in mind. It will help all Japanese women to remember their custom and thus the tradition will remain alive.


The gigantic chocolate bar billboard is considered to be the largest of its kind. It contains 42 blocks made out of plastic which looks like chocolate bars. It has been found out that this gigantic chocolate bar billboard is the biggest plastic billboard in the world. Its name has been suggested to be entered in the Guinness World Records as the largest plastic billboard to be made till date.


There are some other specialities also about this gigantic chocolate bar billboard. This billboard is so big that it is visible from a distance and not only people commuting by bus or car can view it but also those travelling by train can easily visualize it. To make the board more appealing, the chocolate company has decided to adopt one more policy. It has decided to light up this gigantic chocolate bar billboard with the words “Big Muruchi” at night between 11th February till 14th February. The Japanese word “Muruchi” is an abbreviation of the word milk chocolate.


We hope the attempt by this Japanese confectionary factory will not go to a waste and this year every Japanese woman will definitely give their valentines a ‘big muruchi’.


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Chocolate Bar Billboard Contends For World Attention