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Why Is The Govt Demonizing Pizza Repeatedly?

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USDA has come up with fresh dietary guidelines and yet again we have the govt demonizing pizza. But why is the govt demonizing pizza repeatedly? USDA in its document says “Pizza is evil” and is trying to indirectly tell its citizen to eat less of unhealthy junk food. Although govt trashing pizza is unwelcome by consumers and suppliers, it is a fact that Pizza is unhealthy in more than one way and is one of the deadliest corpulence.


While govt demonizes pizza in many ways, the actual message behind is requesting people to eat more healthy foods than says not to eat unhealthy.


There are many hard facts behind the govt trashing pizza. According to USDA, in America , Pizza stands 2nd for being one of the major sources of solid fats and saturated fats. It is mainly because of the cheese, so much so that the manufacturers call pizza as an effective cheese-delivery system, there is no other food that requires as much cheese as pizza does. Its sodium content is also very high putting pizza on the 3rd place for sodium content. It even beats bacon and cold cuts which have bad reputation for high sodium.


In America, where obesity is taking shape of an epidemic, it is quiet obvious for the govt trashing pizza as it is 2nd biggest food in terms of calories in children as well as adults. Pizza is next to doughnuts, pastries and cakes having highest calorie content.


Pizza in US is like a staple food, everyone form urbanites to the countryside people eat pizza. The other way of govt trashing pizza is by hard facts and figures. About 2/3rd of American adults are obese or overweight and the major contributing factor is again pizza for its high calorie content. Secondly about 75 % adults have the risk of developing high blood pressure; here the culprit is again pizza as it has high amounts of sodium in it. Last but not the least, eating vegetables is limited to just 26 % of American adults. This is an alarming figure as America is trying to educate people to get back to organic eating.


The motto behind govt demonizing pizza is not to take away your favorite fast food but to help citizens in giving up unhealthy foods and thereby save oneself as obesity is taking a toll on the health of Americans. So next time you take a bite of your pizza, recall what USDA had written in its report.


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Why Is The Govt Demonizing Pizza Repeatedly?