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Cheesecake Factory To Go Overseas


The Cheesecake factory comes to the rescue of Americans touring the Middle East struck by a sudden bout of homesickness and looking for more than a McDonald’s or a KFC. News that the Cheesecake factory to go abroad is something sweet for the Americans in the Middle East.

The decadent original Cheesecake, their flagship product, consists of a biscuit crumb base on which rests a couple of inches of cream cheese filling giving a very mild tang to a basically sweet dish. The texture is rich creamy and smooth and melts in your mouth.  There is no reason such a dish would not do well in any other part of the world.


The Cheesecake Factory’s expansion in the Middle East is slated to take place over the next five years and the deal was signed with the Kuwait based Alshaya group which will execute the setting up of the Cheesecake Factory’s presence in five countries of the Middle East; UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. They also have options of covering markets in other continents such as northern Africa, central and Eastern Europe. With this move, the Cheesecake Factory joins the list of other American restaurant chains that have expanded overseas in recent times such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden and the Longhorn Steakhouse.


The Alshaya group seems very confident about the success of the Cheesecake Factory in the Middle East. They not only have expertise over the knowledge of the local market but also the experience in introducing and managing high-end American brands in this region. This combination is definitely one that spells long waiting lists and advance table reservations at the Cheesecake Factory in Dubai.


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Cheesecake Factory To Go Overseas