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Sri Lankan Army Gets A Makeover - Goes Into Selling Vegetables

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Sri Lankan Army selling vegetables now! In a surprising turn of events the army personnel of Sri Lanka are now increasingly getting involved in Civil Administration which might not augur too well in the future. With the Tamil Tigers and their threat safely behind them, the army selling vegetables is what one finds in the tiny island nation of Sri Lanka. With the horror of human rights violation and memories of a bloody civil war still remaining strong, the defense secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is personally seeing that the Sri Lankan army gets a makeover even as it goes into selling vegetables along with sprucing up the old buildings of Colombo.


The government also sees the army selling vegetables as a positive move aimed at getting rid of the inflation. The idea behind the Sri Lankan Army selling vegetables is to make them available to the public at relatively cheaper prices as the army absorbs the transportation and other associated costs themselves. But will this strategy that involves the army selling vegetables really work? This is exactly what has been plaguing the opposition when one of its members wondered aloud whether they would be seeing the Navy fishing soon!


 If the war did not mean the end of responsibilities for the army though, and the sight of the Sri Lankan Army selling vegetables makes one hope that the nation is not going to be run by the military now. Almost all the officers have taken up administrative positions with some serving as diplomatic ambassadors even as the public watches the Sri Lankan Army selling vegetables.


The urban development authority has also been brought under the authority of the defense ministry now. There have been reports of forced evictions and other human rights violation issues despite the showing of their human side which includes the Sri Lankan Army selling vegetables. The Non-governmental agencies are also being monitored by the defense department even as they watch Sri Lankan Army selling vegetables while they work in the war ravaged regions of the country.


With significant curbs being placed on the freedom of speech and heavy policing of the state, the nation looks on the verge of losing its democratic nature. The military have also started owning a number of holiday resorts and publicizes them. If you take on their offer and turn up at the spectacularly beautiful Thalsevana beach resort, you are likely to catch the Sri Lankan Army selling vegetables too.


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Sri Lankan Army Gets A Makeover - Goes Into Selling Vegetables