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China Soon To Be The World’s Largest Wine Producer

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China Soon To Be The World’s Largest Wine Producer- suggest some fresh industry reports.  It is believed that China is all set to overtake Australia as the world’s largest wine producer.

Experts attribute various reasons for the recent surge in Chinese wine production, but the main reason as usual is the increasing number of Chinese vineyards which are experimenting with recent and traditional methods of grape farming. The wine experts say that the vast majority of Chinese wines are red.

The Vinexpo (Wine exhibition organizers) who generated the report suggested that within the time span of ten years the attractive bottles of these reddish Chinese wines will hit the British supermarkets, other European nations such a France.

The figures suggest that in a leap to become world’s largest wine producer Chinese produced 72 million cases of wine in 2009. This figure accounts to 960,000 tones thereby surging the output by 28 percent as compared to 2008.

The growth forecasts suggests that in the race to become world’s largest wine producer the country aims to out perform the Australians by producing atleast 7 million cases of wine in 2014. Australia aims to produce 121 million cases of wines where 128 million cases of Chinese wines are supposed to hit the market in the same year.

Wine is still considered to be a luxury drink in China and many of them still find it difficult to afford a cup of wine at least once during their weekly meals. The average consumption is very miniscule when compared to other world nations still experts believe that China will become the world’s largest wine producer if it wishes to appease the thirst of its 1.3 billion inhabitants.  

As now it is clear that China is all set to become the world’s largest wine producer, wine is slowly making its presence felt in party scenes. It is observed that Chinese wines are often perceived as the feisty substitute for the nostalgic Chinese tea. Increasing urban living conditions have sort of revolutionized the social scene in China and also catapulted demand for the Chinese wines.  The increasing demand has supported the Chinese dream of retaining the spirits of becoming world’s largest wine producer during the times of recession claim experts. 

It is believed that the expensive brands of Chinese wines survived the recession due to increasing demand for the beverage. It was observed that most of the Chinese foster very nationalistic tendencies and mostly love to stick to their national produces more than the international ones. Some of the famous wineries have captured the global attention by setting up their own vineyards in China. The Torres brand from Spain is one of such international brands which have stakes in two of the large vineyards in China. This move has clearly helped Chinese to inch towards their dream of becoming world’s largest wine producer.  Another facet of the realization of Chinese dream of becoming world’s largest wine producer is that most of the Chinese firms may have to sweat out in order to increase the quality of the wine. The Chinese wines are considered to be inferior to many other international wines, so it may take some more time before it appears on the British or French dinner tables.


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