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Now Dutch Scientists Want Us To Eat Bugs For Meat

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Amid fears of growing animal scarcity, scientists have come up with a unique thought. Guess what? Now Dutch Scientists Want Us To Eat Bugs For Meat and they want us to be convinced with them too.

Introduction: Dutch scientist Arnold van Huis and his Wageningen University’s research team believe that humans should start eating bugs like grasshoppers and buffalo worms instead of cows, pigs and poultry products because of two reasons. One they are equally great source of protein like animal meats and secondly and more importantly they are more sustainable food sources. Moreover, raising them will be more environment-friendly and economical. They will also not transmit diseases like animals.

Eat bugs for meat as an alternative to avert future food crisis: Calling the international community to look for an alternative before it is too late, Dutch scientist Huis, at a seminar, introduced several bug-based foods to "guinea pig" taste-testers. Huis claimed that sooner the world would have Bug Mac worth $16 over $164 Big Mac when humans will start eating more bugs for meat. He insisted the best way to start eating bugs for meat was to try it at least once since it was the only way to avert the future food crisis.

People enjoyed insects’ delicacies: The people who attended the seminar welcomed the insect fair as they enjoyed varieties of recipes made from grasshoppers, worms and other insects. Dutch insect breeders association’s Secretary Marian Peters found grasshoppers’ taste something similar to the caviar of insects, which were deliciously fried in oil, red pepper and garlic.

Humans can tolerate eating bugs: Among the treats served were Thai marinated grasshopper spring rolls, mealworm pastries and buffalo worm chocolate gnache. The scientist and his team said that humans could eat anything from worms to gnats, wasps, termites and beetles and chef Roland van de Ven believes that people can tolerate eating bugs for meats only if they receive it in processed form.

Mexicans eat 500 insects’ varieties: The Dutch scientist that it would not be the first time someone has talked about eating worms and insects. It is a popular snack worldwide. Click on this link to know more. Chinese have been eating 180 types of insects, Africans over 250 and Mexicans more than 500 type of insects so far. However, only three species, namely meal worms, buffalo worms, and grasshoppers, are found in Dutch farms.

Conclusion: Despite Dutch taste testers enjoyed the bug-tasting fair, scientists acknowledge that it will not be easy to adopt eating bugs for meat easily.

I agree with Entomologist Marcel Dicke’s saying that most of us think it as something dirty as it generates a Fear Factor response among many of us.

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Now Dutch Scientists Want Us To Eat Bugs For Meat