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China Bans German Eggs And Pork

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Amid fears that the contaminated animal feed may be in circulation, China Bans German Eggs And Pork. The move came less than a week after tests revealed dioxin levels at 77 times more than the permitted levels.

China bans German eggs and pork: China has recently joined South Korea and Slovakia in banning import of eggs and pork from Germany over its dioxin problems. The move will put pressure on German Agriculture Minister Johannes Remmel, who pledged to take tough actions against the culprits. China said that its ban would come into effect immediately, adding that all German shipments would now be tested for dioxin.

Hong Kong tests German products on arrival: China is not the only country to test edible German pork and pork products, Hong Kong has also announced to release the German-imported animal products only after testing its safety and upon receiving food safety officials’ guarantee on it. Slovakia, which banned German pork imports recently, lifted the halt from eggs and poultry meat after Berlin’s repeated insistence that there was no immediate risk to human health.

Conclusion: The authorities last week destroyed 100,000 eggs after high levels of cancer-causing chemical dioxin were found in some of the samples. Berlin also ordered pigs’ farms not to sell nearly 5,000 poultry and pigs while tests were conducted.

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China Bans German Eggs And Pork