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Its Official Now – China Is Biggest Bordeaux Importer

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Well it seems like it's official now – China is the biggest Bordeaux importer if Hong Kong is included. China has overtaken Germany to become the largest importer of the Bordeaux wines. China is biggest Bordeaux importer outside the European Union countries too.


Statistically Speaking


The period from November 2009 – October 2010 saw wine imports of China and Hong Kong cross the 333 million Euro mark where as the imports of UK was 221 million Euro. Thus China enjoyed a 98% increase in value while it was a 126% value increase for Hong Kong. Bordeaux wines have finally reported a 10% rise in exports this year. The fact that almost 60% of Bordeaux is in France has not changed but as China is biggest Bordeaux importer, traditional markets would have to give way for the wine in Asia.


Seems like the market is developing really quickly and precisely the reason why China imports most Bordeaux. Growth of wine in market begins with the focus on classy, expensive variety of the Bordeaux, followed by infusion of the intermediate levels. This stage has already come upon China, Hong Kong and Macau. Thus China imports most Bordeaux to meet this increasing demand for the wine.


Bordeaux Crisis


China is the biggest importer of Bordeaux wines and the opening up of the Asian market and developing countries for Bordeaux wines could not have come up at a more opportune moment with Bordeaux wines in need of some quick economic lifts and brand crisis management in terms of imports since almost thousands of vineyards were under financial stress and more than 8000 vineyards had low production levels. Topping all this economic crisis was the fact that Bordeaux was always considered to be an expensive brand in spite of almost 95% of the wines catering to ordinary consumers. The common man sought to stay away from it as inexpensive variety of the wine went almost unnoticed.


Asians have developed a taste for this premium brand wine. Even though China is biggest importer of Bordeaux, France takes the largest parcel home where imports in the world are calculated. Thus Bordeaux does not have to worry too much over being dependent on China alone for their imports since France gets to take 60%. The ever growing economy of China and its markets is an optimistic take on future Bordeaux imports.


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Its Official Now – China Is Biggest Bordeaux Importer