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New Wine Bottle Design - Its Own Decanter

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New wine bottle design – its own decanter! Yes, you have  read it right – this new wine bottle acts as its own decanter. This has been made possible by Spanish Chef Martin Berasategui who has designed this new wine bottle which is believed to  be  its own decanter. Buyers are completely thrilled with this new invention and trying to find out something more about this new wine bottle design.


Spanish Chef Martin does not wish to disclose much about his unique design, which has already created a stir among the wine lovers. It is said, that this has been a dream for Martin and took him several years of research and study to come up with this unique new wine bottle.


Many wine lovers are eager to know about the technology used in this new wine bottle and how wine gets decanted in its own bottle! Not only wine lovers, several winery owners have shown their keen interest on this new wine bottle and are eager to know whether this new invention will help them in any way. This new wine bottle design has been done after much study and several years of planning. The bottle is actually pinched smartly at its base so that a separate space is created for the sediment. This place is enough to capture the sediment as it is collected when the wine is slowly poured. This small technology has led to the development of this unique new wine bottle design.


This new wine bottle design is surely going to help the winemakers in more than one way. Since this new wine bottle will be a self filtering system, it means that the wine makers can now simply bypass their different wine filtration methods. These wine filtration methods carried out at the wineries are not only time consuming but involve lot of resources too. Thus, it is expected that with the implementation of this new wine bottle design, wine makers will be able to reduce a lot of their wine production costs, which is going to help them to increase their profitability in the long run.


Wine makers and wine lovers need to wait for a few more weeks till this new wine bottle hits the market and they get to know something more on its design and use…till then – let us keep our fingers crossed and wait for its arrival! 


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New Wine Bottle Design - Its Own Decanter