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Vegas Summit Suggest Horse Meat As Food

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The recently held horse slaughter Vegas summit suggest horse meat as food to bring down the increasing population of wild horses. The summit witnessed a series of debates from both sides – the pro-slaughter proponents and the animal rights groups. The critics had to contend with blasting from the Chief of U.S. Bureau of Land Management, who claimed that regular round up of wild horses had become a necessity. The participants of the summit included horse trainers, breeders and lawmakers who listened in on propositions to consider horse meat as food.


Advocates who stood for pro-slaughter and considering horse meat as food, were mainly from the West. They went against the animal rights groups and stood firm for the federal government to re-embrace horse meat as food legally. They sited examples of various nations all over the world where horse meat is a legal form of nutrition.


Animal rights group on the other hand claim that to eat horse meat as food and slaughter them for the same is barbaric and inhumane. They feel that as horses are companion animals they should be treated in a better manner.


Wild horses pose a stiff competition to other wild life and tend to emerge to be dominant in a particular area. Their life spans are long and they display resistance to diseases and predators. Thus the population of horses are ever increasing. They are estimated to double their existing population in a period of four years according to Bureau of Land Management.


The round ups conducted by the government are being looked upon as a source of income waste as the rounded up and stored horses have to be fed and looked after. This is an expensive job and Bureau of Land Management has already spent over a million dollars for the same in 2010.


The Summit of Horse was organized by horse owners and ranchers in the U.S. These group of people firmly believe that considering horse meat as food and reviving the horse slaughter industry in the U.S. would be the step in the right direction to control horse population. Most of these people consider horse processing as humane and that to eat horse meat as food should be made legal.


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Vegas Summit Suggest Horse Meat As Food