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Top 10 Fast Food Trends

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Fast Food Trends are here to stay as they are convenient to eat and relatively cheaper than the other alternatives. However, with the problems of obesity and ill health rising all across the United States of America, it is time to take a long hard look at the fast food trends of today. The general public has voted in favor of healthier varieties of these quick fix meals this year resulting in a whole new list that includes the top 10 fast food items of today. Gone are the 

days of greasy fries and an over abundance of red meat in our food, the fast food has altered beyond recognition now making us feel amazed even as we check out the top 10 fast food trends of America at present.


  1. Sushi -   This healthy form of sticky rice and vinegar topped with raw fish and wrapped in a nori is fast emerging as a popular snack item justifying its position in the list of top 10 fast food items.

  2. Pizza - Healthier versions of pizza have been gaining ground of late with reduced amounts of cheese and a host of fresh vegetables serving as toppings. Popular retail chains like McDonalds, Dominos and Papa John’s have joined in the bandwagon in keeping with the fast food trends of today.

  3. Burgers - The current fast food trends include mini sized burgers with healthy fillings like turkey and fresh vegetables.

  4. Roasted Snacks -  A variety of dry roasted nuts and legumes along with whole grain bars are beginning to gain ascendancy as the fast food trends of 2011.

  5. Sandwiches - The egg white and cheese breakfast sandwich from Subway is fast gaining popularity along with the Dunkin Donut turkey sandwich as the healthiest fast food items which are trendy as well.

  6. Oatmeal - The Perfect oatmeal from Starbucks contains the healthy grain topped with delicious bits of nuts and fresh fruit making it a steady fixture among the top 10 fast food items list.

  7. Wendy’s Chili And Baked Potato - Nothing can beat chili when it comes to comfort food and Wendy’s combination of the chili with baked potato is certainly healthier than the greasy finger chips.

  8. Tacos - The Mexican delight of Bean Burrito Taco is one of those vegetarian items toping the list of fast food trends this year.

  9. Salads - Crispy chicken salads or the Mexican south of the border salad minus the extra cheese and sour cream is definitely being touted as one of the emerging fast food trends now.

  10. Parfait - The fruit and yoghurt Parfait from McDonald’s along with the low fat, soft ice cream is rapidly gaining ground as a coveted fast food item this season.

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Top 10 Fast Food Trends