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Best Wine Trends Of 2010

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What were the best wine trends of 2010? Well, this is what we are going to reveal through this blog.

There were many new inventions done by winemakers last year. The wineries and wine bars saw some notable wine trends, which was also perfect to please the wine lovers. So, here are the best wine trends of 2010.

Best Wine Trends Of 2010

1. Better Boxed Wine

The quality of box wine really improved last year. Most of the wineries started making tetra packaging for their bottled and boxed wines. The best example would be the popular brands from California, known as Big House Red and Big House White. This type of packaging is also appreciated as these are eco-friendly and are inexpensive as compared to old boxed wines.

2. Stylish Wine Bottle Coverings

The trend was started by the very popular R. Stuart & Co. This winery from Oregon has started the trend of using crystals for closing the wine bottles. They simply stopped using the older cork or synthetic coverings. Besides all these, they used some crystal corks that looked much classier as compared to any other covering.

3.  Use of Wine Kegs

The idea of using wine kegs to pour wine in some of the most popular wines is gaining popularity day by day. It almost emerged as the latest trend or vogue all around the world. This is also a new and innovative way of promoting a wine brand to most of the visitors of the bar or restaurant.  

4. Casual Eating Joints Serving Wine

The best wine trend of 2010 would be the idea of offering wines at the causal eating joints in various parts of the world. For example, restaurants like Noodles & Company and Wisconsin Mac & Cheese were seen adding wine in their menu last year. The idea was deeply welcomed by each and every wine lover of the world.

These were some of the biggest and best wine trends of 2010. Hope to see some more interesting trends in the years to come.  

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Best Wine Trends Of 2010