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Enthusiasm Lacking For Burger King's Brussels Sprouts Burger

The new Brussels sprouts burger, attempting to strike a balance between health and taste, with the green vegetable in a fashionable ‘burger format’, has failed to attract the public eye and universal taste.

Enriched with fiber, emmental cheese and  the green vegetable, the whopper in its new avatar is available only in the UK market. The marketing survey about the whopper sprouts very much shows that there is enthusiasm lacking for burger king’s Brussels sprouts burger.

Many of the Burger king followers in facebook have expressed dislike for the "surprise whopper sprout", stating that the least-savored vegetable should make its way into the showcase of Burger King’s.  The instant reaction to the launch was that the whole propaganda was a big practical joke; with the response rating going to the extent of calling Brussels sprouts burger a dismal failure.  Brussels sprouts doesn’t rate much, in terms of indigenous flavor or popular liking, even in those recipes , which claim to be the taste-givers.

Then, why Brussels sprouts? Its high nutritive value, scoring high with vitamin C, folate, and Vitamin A and,  therefore, a power-packed antioxidant, Brussels sprouts is rooted in medicinal properties as well, to treat ailments such as asthma.The vegetable is being unraveled to make better and tastier, a sprout dish, which would finally rip the prejudice associated with it. And Burger king’s Brussels sprouts burger has come to challenge conventions with regards to culinary creativity and the general public opinion.

The poor customer response about the launch of the Brussels sprouts burger doesn’t seem to have deterred the spirit of Burger king, where customer taste is the king at all times,  because it is confident that ‘King burgers’ can create the best of flavors even from the seemingly insipid ‘sprouts’ of nature. They don’t want their customers to be carried away by preconceived notions; just give the Brussels sprouts burger a genuine try.

As the battle between healthy eating and tasteful binging continues, Burger king’s new initiative to spearhead the mission of eating healthy by eating Brussels sprouts burger, has to be lauded, for the creative culinary efforts dare to make way through a ‘choc-a-bloc’ of fast-and-unlikely-healthy-foods.

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Enthusiasm Lacking For Burger King's Brussels Sprouts Burger