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Alan Richman's 5 Best Desserts Of The 2011

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Alan Richman's 5 best desserts have finally been revealed! The American journalist and prolific food writer has tasted his way through a mouth watering array of sweet tidbits before arriving at a conclusion which led to a mention of the 5 best desserts for next year. The list of Alan Richman's 5 best desserts of the 2011 is finally here after the scribe suffered through numerous calorie intakes and thousands of miles in travel.


  1. Paris Brest - Assembled in form of a bicycle at the Balsan, Chicago, this French Pastierre gets the nod as one of 5 best desserts of 2011. A Choux pastry shaped like a wheel and stuffed with mousse and nougatine which contains hazelnut is bound to see you concur as you take a look at Alan Richman's 5 best desserts.

  2. Panna Cotta with Wild Huckleberries - Prepared by the Walrus and Carpenter at Seattle, this light and fluffy dessert is choc-a-bloc with berries and poached in white wine. A silken smooth finish makes it an obvious choice for inclusion in the list of Alan Richman's 5 best desserts.

  3. Honeyed Pumpkin Pie - Brooklyn’s Four and Twenty Blackbirds saw the food writer sample delectable pies one after the other. The winner that made it to the 5 best desserts was light and filled with pumpkin which was barely graced with honey. The salted apple caramel pie gave ample competition almost making it to the list of Alan Richman's 5 best desserts too.

  4. Salted Butterscotch Pot de Crème - Alan Richman's 5 best desserts would certainly have remained incomplete without a mention of this delicacy from Gjelina, Venice located in CA. The warm concoction of butterscotch, salt and cream that comes to the table straight from the oven with the cream quivering on the top is undoubtedly the star of Alan Richman's 5 best desserts.

  5. Sticky Toffee Pudding - The Branch Water Tavern based in Houston has elevated the humble Bundt cake into an art topped with chopped dates immersed in a creamy sauce made of butter rum together with caramel. The topping comes in the form of a delicious home made pistachio ice cream making it win a place in the list of Alan Richman's 5 best desserts. 

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