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Top 10 Menu Trends

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The menu trends are constantly changing and 2010 was no different. The top 10 menu trends of 2010 were:

Farm branded ingredients: The demand for farm branded ingredients has increased since last many years and it pinnacled in 2010. The consumer awareness and interest in health conscious food habits have inspired the current generation to go for farm branded ingredients. The menu trends suggest that people are more eager to know what they eat and how safe the products are.


Potlucks:  You don’t need to wait for the survey results to gauge the popularity of potlucks. Potlucks can be included in the list of top 10 menu trends because it encourages a friendly atmosphere. It seems that potlucks have gained much popularity during these economically challenging times because it reduces the overall cost of hosting a get together and reduces the burden on the host.  All we can say is that it is one of the best menu trends of the decade.


Crafted beers: Crafted beers are amongst the most surprising menu trends of the year.  The beer frenzy generation has readily accepted the presence of crafted beers. Also these crafted beers cost the drinker fraction of what they need to buy for any top branded beer.  The hand-crafted beers help the drinker to relish the essence of the region where they are prepared.


Following immunity–building diet:  The after effects of H1N1 were noticeable in the menu trends of 2010 too. People have become crazy about following immunity-building foods. ChefMD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine: A Food Lover's Road Map to: Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, Getting Really Healthy by John La Puma and Rebecca Powell Marx suggests thirty six brands of immunity building foods.


Drugstore-counter desserts: Another noticeable menu trend of 2010 was the rise in demand for drugstore-counter desserts. The health conscious generation is flocking the drugstores to lay hands on low calorie milkshakes, sodas and floats to curb their sweet tooth.


Sentimental sweets- Yes 2010 saw phenomenal growth in sales of sentimental sweets. These days you can order sentimental sweets such as the cookies, pies, popsicles and cupcakes from the bakery. Even the sophisticated pastry chefs are cashing on this trend. And even economy is taking this menu trend more seriously.


Gluten-free /allergen-free:  The demand for gluten-free/allergen-free products is increasing. The food allergies are the main reason behind the increasing popularity of gluten-free diets. Many health experts fear that this can be one of the alarming menu trends of 2010 because the deficiency of gluten-free diet may induce some other health issues.


Booze-free drink: 2010 was the year of booze-free drinks. Artisanal root beer, exotic fruit juices, herbed teas, everything inspired the party scene. It was observed that owing to its popularity many of the restaurants are cashing in on the trend of alcohol-free drinks.


Whoopi Pies: Although the Whoopi pies made splash in 2009, but they made their presence felt in 2010. The menu trends suggest that there have been some devout dedications in favor of the Whoopi pies.  Towards the end of 2009 the Chronicle dedicated a whole book to the subject.


Lamb: Lamb has replaced pork as the main meat. Eat Me Daily agrees: "Lamb is the new pork; lamb neck is the new bacon!"  We thought of incorporating lamb meat in the list of the most happening menu trends of 2010 because nowadays you can see nutrient and flavor-packed lamb burgers replacing the good old pork burgers. 


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Top 10 Menu Trends