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Candies With Conscience - Are You Listening?

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Stores and salons are selling candies with conscience - are you listening chocolate lovers? You too can be a contributor in saving the ecological system and help the farmers that grow cocoa for you so that you can eat chocolates and candies. Yes, candies with conscience are the new product available in many stores. As revealed by Fair Trade USA, certified chocolates are in great demand and a couple of more third party certifying organizations also have the same report. According to them, chocolate lovers are equally conscious about the conscience of candies they buy and eat, that is how and where those candies are made. They don’t even mind shelling out few extra bucks for a chocolate certified as candies with conscience.


Chocolate producers are all set to tap the market for certified chocolates as there is an increased awareness about the conscience of candies. They believe the certification of chocolates is here to stay for a long time and it’s not just a fad. They are so positive about it that major players like Snickers and M&M have decided to certify all of their products as candies with conscience by 2020.


Recently there have been many reasons to claim that chocolate will become more expensive than gold as more and more cocoa farmers are giving up cocoa farming as the business yields less profits. Certified candies with conscience is a way by which chocolate producers can get consistent supply of cocoa by giving fair price and practicing eco friendly ways of farming cocoa. The certification process also takes care of social issues like employment of child labor, slavery in cocoa farming, social conflicts, labor abuse, soil conservation, water and many more.


Sometimes the price of certification is so high that it seems almost insignificant to have high end candies with conscience. It is however still not clear what portion of the price goes back to cocoa farmers and producers who need help for surviving. Whatever may be the case, chocolate producers have realized that without a fair trade practice cocoa farming would soon die or the price of cocoa would shoot up to an extent that it can not be used for mass production of chocolates. Hence, they are supporting the certification process of conscience of candies.


Chocolate lovers should therefore start buying candies with conscience, that has a Fair Trade seal. This is an assurance that they are indirectly helping cocoa and chocolate industry, so as to get a regular supply of candies and chocolates for a couple of more decades.


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Candies With Conscience - Are You Listening?