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Best Recipes Of 2010 By Debutant Chefs

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The best recipes of 2010 have not all been from the well known chefs of the industry, nor created by those who hog the limelight within the confines of the star restaurants. On the contrary, it was the debutant chef recipes which impressed the gastronomes prompting the food magazines and well known eateries to take a second look at some of the best recipes of 2010 by debutant chefs. Most of the best recipes of 2010 selected are simple and innovative while not compromising on the taste. Let us now check the debutant chef recipes in order to grasp the basics of food preparation and find out what works best.


  1. Clams With Foie Gras - One of the best recipes of 2010 is by chef Sawyer of the Greenhouse Tavern at Cleveland. He just cooks clams along with vinegar and a bit of foie gras and leaves them simmering in the pot for a while.

  2. Pistachio Relish -  James Syhabout of Oakland prepares a tangy relish with pistachios, shallot, peppercorns and capers by soaking it overnight in Champagne vinegar and olive oil. It tastes delicious with green tomatoes making it one of the best recipes of 2010.

  3. Grilled Beans Salad - Alex Seidel, one of the winners of the debutant chef recipes wavers from the well trodden path of boiling or steaming the green beans preferring to grill them instead for his signature salad dish. The slightly charred flavor goes down well with lentils winning it a place among the best recipes of 2010.

  4. Tortas - Roy Choi at Kogi believes in fusion food. His creation of spinach, pork, jalapenos and fried eggs on tortas is both Mexican and Asian at the same time  making it a favorite as a mid night snack which helps it win a place in the list of best recipes of 2010 as well.

  5. Ricotta pancakes - April Bloomfield’s pancakes are delicious when eaten in isolation. But the taste becomes outstanding when served with a toping of ricotta, sliced almonds and a brightly colored orange syrup. A recipe to beat all debutant chef recipes for sure! And one of the best recipes of 2010 to boot!

  6. Squid And Torpedo Onions - Matt Lightner from Oregon has surpassed himself and won an entry for his dish as one of the best recipes of 2010. Grilled squids and torpedo onions come togetherin an innovative recipe which proves to be a guessing game as both the ingredients resemble each other closely.

  7. Salmon With Cantaloupe - John Shields from Town House of Virginia has played along with different textures and flavors of the common ingredients available in a supermarket. Thus was born the exceedingly delicious dish of Salmon, cantaloupe, shallots and potato chips making it straight to the top order of the best recipes of 2010.


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Best Recipes Of 2010 By Debutant Chefs