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Baskin Robbins All Set to Shelve Iconic Flavors

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We have a real bad news for all our sweet-toothed readers. Yes, as per the recent reports, world’s one of the most popular ice-cream vendor, Baskin Robbins announced the retirements of their 5 classic flavors. Baskin Robbins, known for their ultimate 31 delicious and exclusive ice cream flavors, have recently decided to shelve 5 of their most interesting and oldest flavors as of now.

The five shelving flavors include some of the staples such as French Vanilla, Caramel Praline Cheesecake, Campfire S'mores, Apple Pie a La Mode and Superfudge Truffle. Most of these are considered to be some of the most popular and regularly ordered flavors. Out of this lot, French Vanilla is the one flavor which was there in their menu since the ice cream company started their business in 1945. On the other hand, the other shelving flavors are also listed as the classic.  

The decision of retiring ice cream flavors from the menu is not at all new for the company. However, the magnitude has never been so high. However, the exit of these delicious flavors will also make some room for a few brand-new flavors. Baskin Robbins will be soon lunching a lot of some brand-new ice cream flavors to woo the customers.   

So, you must be disappointed if you are one of those who used to order any of these shelving flavors quite often. Well, we can only suggest that one should always move ahead with life including the flavor and tastes. So, your next task is to try all those brand new flavors as soon as they get launched. 

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Baskin Robbins All Set To Shelve Iconic Flavors