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Top 10 Side Dishes To Light Up Your Festive Table

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This winter, whip up some simple light treats along with your traditional meal to add a splash of colour at the dinner table. Here is a list of 10 side dishes to light up your festive table.


As most of them can be made in advance, this will also reduce your work load, while making the dinner table look loaded.


Rum Spiked Winter Compote

The flavours of winter fruits infused with the warm rum flavour. Substitute it for cranberry sauce or use them with vanilla ice cream or pound cake.


Tropical Fruit Salad

A salad that is inspired by West African flavours – this can be served as dessert or as a side dish. It will taste best when served with pork tenderloins which are spiced up or with fish that is smoked and grilled.


Fruit Salad

Colour and zing is the order of the day. With just four simple ingredients work some magic on the dinner table and prepare a host of flavoured delicacies. This can be made hours in advance and it adds the natural element to your dinner table.


Congealed Salad with Layered Fruit

This one is a tad different from your granny’s congealed salad. It is prepared minus the marshmallows and canned fruits. Instead it they are substitute with ripe raspberries and fresh oranges.


White Sangria Salad

Gelatin salad is a must for most families, but you can also use the non alcoholic version, where you substitute gelatin for white grape juice. In both ways, you will be able to attain the sangria experience.


Orange & Strawberry Salad

Mix some deep red strawberries with the oranges, drizzle some basil syrup made by seeping the leaves in sugar and water. Refrigerate the same and serve. More colour on your meal table.


Rhubarb, Pear, and Apple Compote

Sweet apples and pears add character to this rhubarb based dish. It is these additions that reduce the sour taste of the rhubarb. Serve the dish as dessert with a liberal helping of whipped topping or use this as an accompaniment for pork or chicken entrees.


Lemon-Mint Sauce and Fresh Fruits

Call this breakfast o dinner, this salad is one that can be hard whenever. It is just great for the cold seasons and as it has a lot of citrus based fruits like oranges, grapefruits, and lemons, it works as antioxidants and is packed with vitamin C. It is these that help fight the infections and protect the body against flu in winter.


Moroccan-Spiced Oranges

A salad that is light and refreshing, which is a great way to end a heavy holiday meal. The best part is the great aroma of cinnamon and citrus which can really be called the smell of the season.


Gingered Ambrosia

Adding fresh ginger and mint adds a lot of flavor without increasing the fat content in this tangy Southerner’s delight.


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Top 10 Side Dishes To Light Up Your Festive Table