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Top 10 Foods To Watch In 2011

Here is marching towards the New Year with toots and trumpets of rejuvenation, resounded by the top 10 foods to watch in 2011.

Food – the energy, which adds meaning to our existence, making it full of life and spirit…As the curtain falls on the year 2010, the stage is all set to throw the spotlight on foods, which are sure to steal the show and enjoy patronage of gourmets and foodies alike.

Here is a list of top 10 foods to watch in 2011:

•    Grits : Rising from its popularity in the Southern part of the USA, grits with all grit and determination gear up to make it to the global pedestal for the year 2011. Grits is sure to move out of the confines of the breakfast table and come out spiced-up in myriad recipes.

•    Fin Fish : Fish, entailing a sea full of nutrients from the ‘brainy’ omega 3 fatty acids to vital minerals, this rich source of lean protein, may now come from locally farm-raised sources to ensure richness and purity of the substance.

•    Sweet Potatoes : A sweet harbinger for the New Year and in the list of foods to watch in 2011, the carbohydrate-rich tuber may soon replace the base for your favorite French fries.

•    Gourmet Ice pops : “You have no time to waste or cry, nor time to wheedle only time to say goodbye, there comes the New Year...” Who wouldn’t go raving about  ice pops?   Gourmet ice pops are braced to set food trends for 2011  with exotic flavors such as mango chile, bacon and peanut butter. Indigenous to Mexico where they are referred to as palettas, these ice pops are ready to spread the ‘cold-wave’ across borders.

•    Nutmegs: The spice with a dash of flavor and ‘dopey’ fragrance gaining ground as a potent aphrodisiac for women,  nutmeg in all might and spirit wafts through the screens, to be a food to be watched in 2011.

•    Beans : The wonder legume(mundane though), which is full of the beans to infuse the same vitals into the dish it makes and the stomach which takes, beans as a versatile legume finds its way into many sides, mains and appetizers as well, thus, slowly yet surely making it to the list of foods to watch in 2011.

•    Moonshine : The silvery light in combination with the distilled spirits of the moonshine brand, with the clear corn whiskey, which opened in Tennessee in 2010, is planning to soar high to other regions as well. A new twist to the  age-old adage “Aim for the stars you will at least land on the moon”, and Moonshine has!

•    Sausage : The new avatar of sausage as the "new bacon", which is of lean meat and better quality, sold at farmers’ markets is going to set a trend  as Home butchery and the charcuterie, with the revival of cured meats, makes the ‘saucy sausage’ a food to watch in 2011.

•    Small Pies :  Pie, the perennial classic, which has been favored since olden times, is all set to morph into newer varieties for the new year- the small pies that is, in sweet and savory varieties, which will take the lion’s share of the 2011 food spotlight, from the conventional big pies.

•    Cupuaçu fruit : Hailing from the Brazilian rainforest, this fruit might as well enjoy the crowning as a super fruit. Enriched with antioxidants and other vital nutrients, the super fruit goes in to the making of the Brazilian candy called Brigadeiro. Well, the fruit and the candy are to be watched in 2011, as they will be bridging the gulf between the hemispheres, with their tempting sweetness.

So you can get ready to give a red carpet welcome for the New Year, with new foods, new thoughts, new foods to watch in 2011,  and the newness of the entirety, which the dawn will bring in with its ever-fresh spirit, enveloping your ethos and life.

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Top 10 Foods To Watch In 2011