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Now McDonald's Is Serving Oatmeal In Fast Food

Now McDonald's Is Serving Oatmeal In Fast Food! Wow, I never thought that I would come to see the day when McDonald's would sell oatmeal as fast food. To be very honest, I am enjoying the 'McDonald's media circus'. I'm not sure if I can wipe off that smirk on my face and think straight for a minute to put together this blog. I'm not sure if I have to admire McDonald's survival spirit or admire the media persistence to upset the balance of this fast food giant. In a weird and twisted way, both are admirable, bringing about the first step along the long road to eating better in the world's 9th fattest country, the USA. So peeps, McDonald's is serving oatmeal, deal with that. Lol!


McDonald's by serving oatmeal as fast food has done Michelle Obama proud. She was in fact insisting in a recently concluded National Restaurant Association meeting that apples should be served as a side dish with every meal. I think McDonald's is pretty close to what she wants. McDonald's serving oatmeal might come as a surprise to many but it would be a good kinda surprise. I'm told that they serve a respectable serving of oatmeal with loads of diced green and red apples. It is also said to be crunchy, sweet and fruity with all the flavors balancing out each other. So, I will be checking that out pretty soon. A decent serving of oatmeal can have you going for at least 4 hours without any hunger pangs in between. What more is that, this Scrumptious Fruit and Maple Syrup Oatmeal comes to you at just 280 bucks. What? No! It comes to you with just 280 calories and with only 4 grams of fat in it. Gotcha! No wonder, many think that this could be the healthiest dish on the McDonald's breakfast menu


Last year, Starbucks introduced the 'Perfect Oatmeal' in its breakfast menu and it became a 'purrfect' success. Will McDonald's Scrumptious Cruncher of a Oatmeal achieve that kind of success? Will oatmeal as fast food survive the test of time? Only time can tell. But with McDonald's the buzz never dies. Mazel Tov!


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Now McDonald's Is Serving Oatmeal In Fast Food