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News Just In: Coffee And Glucose Make You Smarter

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Some believe coffee and doughnut combo as an unhealthy breakfast option, while others say it can actually make you smarter. Let’s find out with this article about the latest News Just came In on whether Coffee And Glucose Make You Smarter.

Research’s result contrary to doctors’ advice: Researchers carried out a study to find out what happens when caffeine is combined with glucose. They were surprised with the result of the test, as it was contrary to the old beliefs and doctors’ advice. The test showed that the combination of the two ingredients actually revs up the brain by boosting attention and sharpening memory.

Study carried out in Spain: Spain’s Barcelona University’s researchers carried out the study, which was published in the journal Human Psychpharmacology: Clinical and Experimental. A group of 72 women volunteers between the ages of 18 and 25 participated in the research. They were divided in different groups and each of them were asked to drink water, water with glucose, water with caffeine and water with both glucose and coffee after an overnight fasting.

Conclusion: The participants then underwent several tests on manual dexterity, memory, attention, visuo-spatial and frontal functions. They were asked to remember a list of 15 repeated words, sort cards according to shapes, colors and numbers etc. Researchers said that the participants, who drank water with both ingredients - coffee and glucose - responded faster than those who were given plain water. The study also found that the fastest respondents were also impressively good in learning, consolidating verbal memory and attention.

Opponents to study: However, opponents of this study said that the results could have been different, had it been carried out in the United States. Europeans have an entirely different metabolic pathways compared to Americans, pointing out that Europeans process sugar faster than Americans. Researchers described the findings as remarkable but stressed on the need to carry out more studies to find out how coffee and glucose would react if repeated doses of the two ingredients would be given to the individuals.

Until a new study comes up, you can safely tell your friends that the coffee and glucose combination isn’t bad at all. In fact it makes you smarter.

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News Just In: Coffee And Glucose Make You Smarter