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The Kala Ghoda Fair 2008

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The Kala Ghoda Fair has come to be a much looked forward to event in Mumbai, India. It is held at Kala Ghoda, South Mumbai and plays the perfect host to huge numbers of people from all over India, abroad and of course the enthusiastic Mumbaiites. The event provided a superb experience depicting the different flavors of the happening city of Mumbai.


The fair provides a wonderful platform for artistes to display their individual talents. This year there were a number of activities planned for the entire 10 days to make it a fulfilling experience for the large numbers. The variety that the fair offered kept people of all age groups on their toes throughout.


It proved to be a wonderful time for enjoying the various art forms. The food section saw the best names in the industry like Copper Chimney, Noodle Bar and Gelato contributing to the ambience of the event. There were superb performances by eminent artistes from various fields. The famous Jahangir art gallery located at Kala Ghoda was the place to be for art lovers. Prominent painters like Samir Mondal had their exhibition here during the time.


There were a number of interesting talks held at venues close by that made it a show for all generations and people with varied interests. The kids too had a wonderful time with the Surf Excel sponsored painting and creative workshops.



I truly enjoyed every bit of this fun experience and am already looking forward to next year’s Kala Ghoda fair.

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Ganesh.Dutta's picture
Really a very interesting fair. But creativity with food would be the best choice for everyone . No doubt , Mumbaikers enjoy every moment of life. Thanks for sharing this nice and informative blog.
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Thanks Ganesh. There was indeed lots of food there with Copper Chimney, Noodle bar and Gelato having their stalls. Unfortunately could not get pics to put up. It was truly an enriching experience on the whole with music, art and food flowing.
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
What a great combination of music,art and food? These are the most creative part of the human life. Mumbai is also called "City of creativity". Not only due to Bollywood but also due to Mumbaikars. Aaamchi Mumbai.
shantihhh's picture
How fun! Would have loved to be there. Shanti/Mary-Anne
vandana's picture
My family and I truly had a great time at the fair.
Snigdha's picture
Looks so colorful! No wonder you had a blast!
vikas.kumar's picture
lovely snaps. had been there last year...missed it this time. seems it was better this year. i love the 'installation art' pic.
vandana's picture
Ya snigdha it sure was fun.
vandana's picture
Thanks vikas. It was very nice and a lot of fun. There were several other works of installation art however, could not get more pics. :(
Alpana.Mathur's picture
nice one!
vandana's picture
Thanks alpana
The Kala Ghoda Fair 2008