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The Big O: The Obamas, Ossified Foods, and Other Obvious Things in Between!

I know that we have seen many, many, many pictures of Obama gorging down burgers, hot dogs, waffles, ice creams, sandwiches, fried chicken and fish 'n chips. But, don't let that fool you. I must cut the guy some slack and say that he has an incredible appetite and an equally incredible metabolism. He is one of the most health conscious Presidents that USA ever had. I mean the man is close to 50 and can still charm you off your pants. Just kidding. But seriously he can. Lol! Ok, getting back to what I was saying, the man has quit smoking finally and now jogs 3 miles in the mornings, very regularly. He doesn't stop there, he also regularly plays basketball too. Someone recently busted his lips by accidentally elbowing in a basketball game, and though it required 16 stitches, he will continue to play or so I'm told. His doctor, David L. Scheiner had given him a clean bill of health during his campaign  in 2008. I'm sure that it is pretty much the same in 2010.Atta boy Obama!


The hot and super toned Obama Mama; Michelle is indeed the healthiest and the fittest First Lady that the United States of America could ever hope for. Michelle is not a beautiful woman in the classical sense of the word but I would describe her as a very handsome woman with a very impactful personality. She is the perfect match for the President. She matches him in every way. She is fit, toned, and she will beat you in a hula hoop challenge hands down. Michelle actively advocates healthy eating amongst kids and she is someone who works out regularly and believes in balancing out the foods eaten. Recently, she addressed the National Restaurant Association where she shared her ideas and concerns about healthy eating. She said, "As humans, we are programmed to crave sugary, fatty, salty foods. But here’s the catch. See, feeding those cravings doesn't just respond to people’s natural desires, it actually helps shape them. The more of these foods people eat, the more they're accustomed to that taste, and after a while, those unhealthy foods become a permanent part of their eating habits." Though she understands that it will affect the restaurant sales but she also said that it will cost the country more than it can ever anticipate.


I have always thought that Michelle was someone who was naturally blessed with good athletic genes. But contradictorily, she confessed that she got her best figure in her forties. This gives a lot of hope to mature women who are battling with the despicable lard on their bodies. She also said that she was in her physical best during her husband's campaign period. The campaign period was also the period when Obama lost a lot of weight. I'm thinking that one should join 'politicks' to lose weight by running around asking people to vote.


If you are interested in knowing the kinda foods that Obama avoids or rather dislikes, then here goes: mayonnaise, aerated drinks, ice creams and salted potato chips. Way to go, President Big O! On the other hand, Michelle is someone who enjoys a hamburger, pies and French fries. But she has set the boundaries right and is balancing her meals correctly. And, like I said earlier, she works her a** off to look the way she does. I respect her for that.


Lesson learnt: Be blessed with good metabolism or work out your a** off, and yeah, eat in moderation.


So, that was the Big O. Burrp!!! Amen!


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The Big O: The Obamas, Ossified Foods, And Other Obvious Things In Between!