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KFC Set To Increase Numbers In Africa

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KFC of Yum Brands is set to plan its expansion in Africa. KFC in Africa, is planning to increase its number of outlets to about 1,200 by 2014. 

KFC is a dominant player of the fast-food industry in China and it is already a leading player in South Africa, with more than 600 restaurants. The fast food chain has a thin presence in few other African countries. KFC is using its South African base to enter into other African country markets.

Addressing a company investor-analyst conference in New York, Yum chairman and CEO, David C. Novak said that Africa as a market, has tremendous opportunities and it is a great emerging continent. He thinks that KFC has a good chance to lead the fast-food industry in the African continent. 

Yum is planning to open KFC restaurants in African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Angola and Zambia. 

The fast food chain is targeting a profit of $1120 million by 2014 and it is expecting that KFC will be worth nearly $2 billion as a brand in Africa, within four years. The Company is also expecting $500 million worth of investments by different franchises in Africa. 

So it won't be long before you can enjoy KFC food in the remotest of places in Africa as well.

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KFC Set To Increase Numbers In Africa