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The Maple Syrup Day Story: How Is National Maple Syrup Day Celebrated?

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It’s December. Time to wait for the two biggest celebrations of the year – Christmas followed by the New Year. But as we wait the whole month for these good times to come, the waiting would become too long, had it not been for small celebrations like the chocolate covered anything day, maple syrup day, so on and so forth. So, what’s the maple syrup day story: how is the national maple syrup day celebrated?

The national maple syrup day gives us an opportunity to enjoy this delicious American treat throughout the day. Here are some ideas to celebrate the national maple syrup day in a simple, yet memorable ways.

•    Breakfast: Start your day with the delicious, original maple syrup. Pour it over pancakes, crepes, waffles, French toasts, etc and start the celebration. You can also spread a liberal amount of maple syrup on a bowl of oatmeal or cornflakes and turn it into a hearty breakfast option.

•    Lunch: This year, on the national maple syrup day, make sure that maple syrup is also a part of your lunch. Serve some maple cream scones and winter squash spoonbread or maple vinegar roasted pork shreds as starters. Try making some peanut butter sandwiches and coat a generous layer of maple syrup on it. This new combination not only tastes good, it is healthy and gives a new taste that you would fall in love with. Along with this, serve salads tossed in maple syrup or maple glazed chicken and place a filling and hearty lunch menu spread on your table.

•    Dinner: For dinner, make a few delicious “mapled” entrées like orange maple chicken wings, maple creamy fondue and hot and spicy maple syrup shrimp kabobs. For the main course, include a portion of maple glazed ham. Serve a hearty plate of vegetables tossed in maple syrup along with this. You can also serve a side dipping sauce for sushi, sweetened by the presence of the maple syrup. You can also add maple syrup to baked beans and barbecue sauce and cook some unique dinner recipes with these. Serve a few maple beverages and relishes along with this and turn your dinner into a real feast. The mild sweetness of the maple syrup and the subtle flavor and aroma that it adds to your dishes, really make them unique recipes.

•    Desserts: Maple syrup is just ideal for the desserts. Top your favorite ice cream with this, or add a maple syrup layer in cakes or just use it as a dip for muffins and cookies – the flavorful burst that all of them offer is surely going to leave you intrigued.

Thus, this national maple syrup day, make every meal “maple”. Agreed that maple syrup is perfect on freshly made pancakes. But adding maple syrup on meat, fish, fowl and vegetables is perhaps the best way to add a sweet spin to these delicious dishes. No other sweetener can deliver such a clean and distinct flavor along with a subtle bouquet that a good quality maple syrup can offer. Thus, this national maple syrup day, make it really special.

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The Maple Syrup Day Story: How Is National Maple Syrup Day Celebrated?