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At Barique, You Can Drink Wine Out Of A Barrel

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At Barique, you can drink wine out of a barrel! You might be surprised or amazed by learning this and surely you should not miss this opportunity to get wine in a barrel. Being located at 461 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco; this place is going to become one of the must-visit locations for the wine lovers of the locality. If you are in San Francisco by any chance, you should try this out for enjoying an evening out, filled with fun and flavor.


You can call it a wine bar, but not the regular ones we visit! Here, the wine is served straight from the barrel and the barrels are procured directly from the wine producers across the country. You can choose from an array of wines, among which there are 18 varieties of locally made wines. You can taste your choice of wine in a glass filled from the respective barrel. The barrels are placed in a line behind the bar and they are rotating continuously. The place definitely has an awesome ambiance with 49-seat interior settled in 1400 sq ft area.


The owner of this unique wine place, Jim Howell hopes that this will change the normal concept of wine industry. According to him, Barique is a combination of wine bar, winery and tasting room. It provides an opportunity to the wine lover people, to enjoy the taste and flavor of wine without thinking about its make and brand. He also thinks this is a cost-saving option, as you can cut your cost for bottling and shipping. This way he can also keep the price much lower in comparison to other places.


You can also avail a limited choice of food menu other than the wine, at Barique. Mostly, it is going to be based on local and sustainable food items. That means you can enjoy authentic taste of local breads, cheeses and meats. However, the place is still waiting for the final permission to open. Hopefully, by next week this will be up and you can enjoy a life-time experience.


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At Barique, You Can Drink Wine Out Of A Barrel