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The Cocoa Day Story: History Of National Cocoa Day

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The cocoa day story: history of national cocoa day is unknown yet but the overwhelming response from chocolate lovers has made this day popular. The national cocoa day is celebrated on 13th December every year in US. What can be a better way of celebrating the secret ingredient of the most loved food in the world?

The irony about this lesser known national day is in its history. As of today no one knows who started the national cocoa day, when and where. There is no record of the first national cocoa day celebration but one thing is clear that whoever started it wanted to give an ode to cocoa; sure he would be a cocoa buff and wanted this amazing ingredient to flourish.


Though cocoa is a part of many unusual food festivals like the chocolate day and cookie day, celebrating national cocoa day is exclusive to using cocoa.


The cocoa day story: history of national cocoa day,although it is scarcely known, Americans are all geared up to take the national cocoa day on the pages of history book by celebrating this food festival in innumerous ways because it is the day of their favorite food that is chocolate. Every year more and more people are celebrating with increases fun and fare. They eat and drink everything made from cocoa, from the classic hot cocoa drink to chocolate cookies, cakes, fudge and ice-creams.


The latest news is about cocoa spa and cocoa massages to smell cocoa on the very special occasion of national cocoa day.


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The Cocoa Day Story: History Of National Cocoa Day