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Wrap Recipe Contest !!!

Hey all I want to have a contest - for the best 25 wrap recipes I will send out a coupon for a free package of Tumaro's Tortillas  and most retailers do carry them.


Myself and the panel of judges from Tumaro's will judge them and let you know if they are a winner !!!

If it that good we might include it on the website also

if you would like a recipe book with a coupon for this just drop me a line

The Tortilla Guy


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master2006's picture
Sounds like a contest. Expect something from me soon.Tortilla is fun but free Tumaro tortilla will be great.
khau.khan's picture
This will be fun. I think you will get some good recipes. Perhaps we can have the winner do a video with you 
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
SF That works for me - just let me know
Joe.Bush's picture
I guess they way it will work that we post our recipes in recipe section and submit a link to your blog so that you consider us for award. I would imagine that you will send us some kind of manufacturuer coupon in mail which we can redeem at local grocery store or perhaps you will send tortilla directly in mail! Do you have an end date for this competition? My suggestion will be that you edit your blog to make these things clear. Give me some extra points for helping you out man. Tumaro is mine!!
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Yes I would be happy to send the free package coupon to you and you can e-mail me with all info !!! Tumaro's has many flavors !!!89-93% organic Low Carb and multi grain with soy proteinThe Tortilla Guy
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Wow not one recipe yet
master2006's picture
1. Change the heading from Wrap Recipe to Wrap Recipe Contest/Award. 2. Give us a deadline. I always submit things 1min before deadline. I guess most are like me.
Danise's picture
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Hey Addisonbut it is for a whole package of tortillas !!! if not what will get it ?
Lanette's picture
My entries for the contest are.Tortilla Wraps Roll Wrappers
Addison's picture
My 2nd submission for award is. u send me two coupons?
Addison's picture
My third submission is owe me a lot of tortilla :) 
Ruben's picture
here we go.
Byron's picture entry.Thank you. 
The.Tortilla.Guy's picture
Hey all of you who have submitted recipes you can e-mail me here and I will be happy to send you the coupons and recipes flyers that we have made. Click on my memeber page and go to contact !!! Steve
Wrap Recipe Contest !!!