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China Learns To Spend More On Eating

China learns to spend more on eating – I thought it was something that they knew already. Personally, I think that the Chinese are grossly misrepresented in the movies and the television. For starters; they are not stringent; they don't always eat noodles; and China might overthrow the USA as a Superpower in the next 20 years. They definitely know how to eat large and live well. If you had told me this a year back, I wouldn't have believed you. But, it all changed this year, after my trip to Shanghai. I was treated to a 10-course, authentic Chinese meal and I understood what it meant to eat good Chinese food. So, if I were to be in China right now, I would do exactly what the Chinese do; spend more on food.


There was a joke going around a couple of weeks on Facebook: God made the world; everything else was made in China. Ironically, there is some truth to it. China is no longer the country where you got cheap 'everything'. Quality products are now being made, sold and imported. As per the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service (USDA-FAS) report, the urban Chinese have increased their food expenditures by 17% in 2008. I can only wonder how much they would have increased by now.


In another report released by The Oxford Research Agency (TORA), the Chinese don't seem to bother much about saving money on food, in comparison with their European counterparts. The report also states that the people in UK and France eat healthier. Is this report going to change the Chinese food habits any time soon? Nah! I don't think so.


Apparently there are 19 million obese people in China, but then, China's total population is a staggering 1.3 billion. When we see the whole picture, it is not too bad. Not bad at all in comparison with the west. When I was in Shanghai, I could have sworn that I did not see a single obese person. I have always thought that the Asians were  fit and acrobatic like Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee. But then, that is just my opinion.


My final piece of advice to the hearty eating population of China is- watch what you are eating. Maybe, right now, you guys are doing ok and there is not much stress on healthy eating. But with 17% food consumption growth rate per year, you all need to watch out.


And stay away from KFC, as much as possible.


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China Learns To Spend More On Eating