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Cosmo Croydon - Britain's Biggest Restaurant Opens For Business

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Finally it is the good news for the British foodies – Cosmo Croydon, which is mentioned as the Britain’s biggest restaurant opens for business from this November. After long wait and lots of excitement Cosmo opens doors for public. The restaurant can cater up to 800 guests every night with 300 varieties of cuisines from around the world, cooked by 50 expert chefs. As per the report published in a renowned newspaper, the restaurant is supposed to serve a ton of chicken and half ton of chips every day. The restaurant covers approximately 22,000 sq feet to welcome all the guests.


Cosmo is a chain of Pan Asian cuisines, which already has its branches at several important cities all over UK, including Bristol, Cardiff, Coventry, Swindon, Ramford and Hastings. The one at Croydon; is the 12th site for this famous chain, which took almost 10 months to build up. The restaurant administration now plans to expand this chain across Europe.


The most lucrative offer announced by Cosmo Croydon is that the diners can enjoy all-you-can-eat menu just by paying C11.99 on weekdays. For the weekends, they have to pay a surcharge of £2, over the bill. The restaurant offers fresh and delectable cuisines from various countries like China, India, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. They also specialize in fine European cuisines to satisfy the palate of their guests.


The Menu Served at Cosmo Croydon

Starters – Some of the interesting starters are aromatic pork, crispy seaweed, lemon chicken Sanghai style, Curry Samosa etc. You can also enjoy a whole array of soups in this section like Crab Meat Sweet Corn Soup, Miso Soup, Seafood Tom Yum Kai Soup etc. The sauces section of starters has quite a few choices of sauces such as Barbecue sauce, Lemon sauce, Thai Sweet sauce etc.

Sushi Bar – The Sushi Bar at Cosmo Croydon serves authentic sushi in 2 varieties – Maki and Nigiri. You can also enjoy another Japanese delicacy at this bar, which is known as Sashimi. Some of the sushi delicacies are – Salmon Nigiri, Octopus Nigiri, Salmon Maki Roll, Vegetable Maki Roll etc.

Main Courses – In this section, you will get a whole lot of choices from various categories like meat, vegetarian, seafood, poultry and rice, noodle and bread. Here you can taste the delicate and authentic cuisines from the Pan Asian part of the world.

Teppanyaki Bar – This bar offers fresh ingredients to cook by a specialist chef in front of you. He will be cooking according to your choice of ingredients including fresh vegetables, fresh noodles, fresh spices and sauces etc.

Yakatori Grill – It is the place for the people who prefer smoky grilled dishes. Your choice of fresh ingredients will be grilled in front of you by the expert Yakatori chef.

Noodle & Wok Bar- This section is ideal for the foodies who live for noodles and stir fry. You can have your choice of noodles mixed with your choice of vegetables to customize a dish according to your wish. This section also serves delicious Italian Pasta.

Dim Sum – Many people visit the Pan Asian restaurants just for these dim sums or dumplings. Here you will get a variety of choices like prawn dim sum, Sausage Bao, Pork Dumpling etc.

Indian Tandoori & Curry Bar – Enjoy the taste of freshly prepared Tandoori style cooking in this place. The taste of succulent marinated meat and fresh naan bread, is something most unique. You can choose from a variety of Indian preparations at this part of the restaurant.

Desserts – Your meal would not be complete other than a lip-smacking desserts and at Cosmo Croydon, there is no dearth of good desserts. Starting from normal fruit salad to different types of ice creams to an array of Gateau, the section has many to offer.


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Cosmo Croydon - Britain's Biggest Restaurant Opens For Business