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6 Worst Fast Foods Of The World

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Before you hit your favorite fast food joint for the next time, you should know about these 6 worst fast foods of the world. According to the nutritionists and physicians, most of the fast foods are harmful for your health, when consumed in a regular basis. But, among them some are worst as they provide more fat, more calories and more sodium in every bite. So, you should be very careful to avoid all the 6 fast foods that are worst for you.


Roast Turkey & Swiss from ARBY’s

This fast food joint is famous for their beef burgers and sandwiches. However, they also offer an array of sandwiches made with chicken or turkey. The one served in supersize bread slabs with oven-roasted turkey along with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayo and spicy honey mustard – is quite a bit heavy for your daily meal. It serves around 725 calories including 8g saturated fat and 1780mg sodium. If you still want to go for this place your order without the mayo and consume half of it by saving the other half for late consumption.


Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sub from SUBWAY

The savory, teriyaki-glazed chicken strips of this foot-long sandwich might make your mount watering, but it is one of the worst orders which you should not go for. The sandwich contains around 9g of fat and around 800 calories. The sodium content is much higher, being around 2000mg, which is very close to the highest recommended intake of sodium per day. However, you can order for fat-free condiments to lessen on the fat count.


Caramel Pecanbon from CINNABON

If you are fond of caramel and pecans, then it could be your favorite treat from this famous food joint. However, this mouth-watering dessert offers 1,100 calories including 8g protein, 141g carbohydrate and 56g fat. Although it does not offer any sodium, but the sugar count of this treat cannot be disregarded, also. So, be careful at your next visit to this famous chain shop.


Filet-O-Fish from MCDONALD

Have you ever ordered for this menu during any of your visit to McDonald? This could be a lighter choice on your part as you are avoiding the burger and preferring the fish. But in reality it is not so. This specialty of McDonald provides 380 calories, which include saturated fat of 18g. That is quite a bit of fat. You may as well go for without tartar sauce or mayonnaise version, as it can be comparatively better choice.

Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich from BURGER KING

This famous fast food joint has this special menu to offer you. The calorie content is 800 and it has 46g fat. Especially, when you add this with a side and soda: it becomes higher in calories, which is more than your daily requirement.


Volcano Nachos by TACO BELL

The name ‘volcano’ explains everything about this item. When you start to eat nachos, you never know where to stop. Eventually, you consume around 1,000 calories along with 1,930 mg sodium and 62g fat. However, it is really difficult to avoid these delicious nachos. The only good part is that it offers 16g fiber, which is quite nutritious for health. You can cut down the sodium count to some extent by avoiding the dressing of these nachos.


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6 Worst Fast Foods Of The World