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FDA Announces Safety Tips While Preparing Eggs

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eggs contaminated with bacteria

FDA Announces Safety Tips While Preparing Eggs! The announcement comes in the wake of influx of cases of diseases caused by the consumption of contaminated eggs. According to the experts, the recently released eggs in the market are contaminated with dangerous bacterial organism, Salmonella Enteritidis (SE). This bacterial is believed to play havoc with the consumer’s health in form of diseases like diarrhea, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and more. It is unfortunate to know that so far 142,000 cases of illnesses due to consumption of contaminated eggs are reported every year.


The above mentioned diseases are likely to take a serious toll among old and ailing people who have compromised immune system. Cases of deaths, severe illnesses and arthritis have been reported as some of the most serious aftermaths of the affected bacteria-borne eggs.

The regulation has been released by the FDA on July 7, 2009 according to which the egg industry now needs to take special preventive measures to ensure the safety of the eggs right from their storage to transportation in the markets. Egg producers working in the territory needs to confirm their abidance to the new safety plan by registering themselves with the FDA.

What are the actions taken by FDA to halt the danger of SE?

The FDA has already conducted and proposes to conduct more public interactions to spread education on the safe use of eggs. Safety tips to prepare eggs by subjecting them to high temperature cooking methods, proper refrigeration of the eggs, purchase of refrigerated eggs only, and proper cleaning of the outer shell of the eggs, are reached to the public through the medium of media.

Further, the administration proposes to keep a close check on more than 3,300 farms to encourage them to follow all the safety measures requisite to produce bacteria-free eggs for the public. This measure is likely to avoid more than 79,000 illnesses on an annual basis.

What are the safety tips to prepare eggs?

  1. To inhibit the bacteria from growing, refrigerate the eggs, if not in use.
  2. Discard dirty eggs right away
  3. Wash the egg before cooking it.
  4. Do not turn off the gas until both the albumen and yolk are cooked to a fine, firm texture.
  5. Never eat raw eggs

PS-Follow the above prevention measures and spread their education to continue enjoying eggs as an eminent, nutritious food, like always! 

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FDA Announces Safety Tips While Preparing Eggs