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Italy's Ultimate Answer To Bacon Is Guanciale

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If America is swept by bacon mania, then Italy’s ultimate answer to bacon is guanciale. In US eating bacon is in its culture and in Europe guanciale is Italy’s reply to bacon. Read more to find out why it is said that Italy’s ultimate answer to bacon is guanciale.

Guanciale is unsmoked version of America’s jowl bacon. Both are very similar in taste and are derived from the same body part of a pig that is cheeks. Guanciale is cured pork jowls.


A delicacy of Italy, guanciale is used in traditional dishes like pasta all’amatriciana.


Like Americans eat bacon in every meal, guanciale can be found in many dishes across Italy.


Guanciale is used after curing, roasting, braising or even poached for preparing dishes.


It is eaten in raw form, sandwiched between two slices of breads for breakfast. It is added to pasta to make the dish succulent.


Guanciale or pork cheeks are highly flavored, so Italians have substituted guanciale for pancetta in many dishes. This wonderful meat is cured for about 4 weeks in salt, sugar as well as spices before it is used in recipes.  This combination of ingredients works well with pig’s cheek meat and fat which makes guanciale an ultimate meat for consumption.


When guanciale is cooked, the fat melts and leaves behind tender silky meat that smells of smoke. The salt contained in the meat is just perfect to make a tasty dish. Guanciale is thus widely used as a base for making pastas in Italy. The myriad of spices and seasoning used in Italian cooking actually adorns the taste of guanciale in every recipe.


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Italy's Ultimate Answer To Bacon Is Guanciale