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Don't Wait, Make Your Own McRib

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If you are among the fanatic lovers of McDonalds’ McRib Sandwich and you are unhappy about the fact that it is not regularly available at your nearest McDonald joint; then don’t wait, make your own McRib to satisfy your appetite. Making your own Mcrib now is no more an impossible task. Particularly, when you have the ingredients ready, then you can easily serve this for the weekend dinner.


To prepare this savory sandwich all you need is the sandwich roll, pickles, onions, barbecue sauce and a single pork cut. The recipe does take some time to be ready on the dining table, but still it is better than waiting for years to enjoy the taste of your favorite McRib sandwich. To cut the time short, you can buy readymade pickles and barbecue sauce from your local grocery store. However, if you have enough time to spend on this, then you can go for preparing these two items by yourself at home. Here I will share with you the method to cook the pork for making the McRib sandwich.


How to Prepare the Pork for the McRib Sandwich

For preparing this, you need to buy pork meat from the belly part of the body. The excess fat of this part makes the pork to be soft and juicy for the sandwich. Trim the meat in proper rectangular shape as per the shape of the sandwich roll and season with salt and pepper. In an oven-safe non-stick pot, heat oil to sear the pork on both the sides until it becomes golden brown. Now remove the pork from the pot and to the remaining oil add the chopped onions, carrots and celery. Stir the vegetables for few minutes and then put thyme, bay leaves and some amount of chicken stock or water. Let the liquid reduce to half by boiling and then bring back the pork into the pot. Remove the pot from the stovetop, close the lid and set inside the 350F preheated oven. This will be cooking for around 3 hours until the meat becomes tender. When the meat is done, pick it up from the pot with a slotted spatula. Put enough barbecue sauce on the pork to coat both the sides properly. Place this sauced meat inside the sandwich, along with the pickles and onions.


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Don't Wait, Make Your Own McRib