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Jura - The New Wine-Capital Of The World

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Located at the foothills of Jura Mountain range, the sleepy cluster of villages of eastern France region is off late being considered as the new wine-capital of the world. These small villages in the Jura department of France recently make the news for being the darling of the wine savvy people not only across the nation, but also across the world. All of a sudden, this French region wakes up from obscurity to declare their glory in the world of wine making. But, what is so special about Jura’s wine?


You will get a whole lot of fine choices to select your special flavor and taste, from the list of wines prepared in this region. All of them are quite unusual and distinctive by their nature. Perhaps, the variety of grapes produced in this region combined with the craftsmanship of wine producing; make the wines to be completely different from others. The most popular among these is the Vin Jaune, which is a type of white wine having a typical flavor of mild eastern spices like turmeric and ginger. Normally, the grape varieties produced in Jura region include the local Savagnin, Poulsard, Trousseau and Chardonnay varieties. Some of the popular Jura wines are described here.


Vin Jaune – Being the most classic and sophisticated among all Jura wines, it is produced from local Savagnin variety of grapes. This wine is very much similar to Sherry, but not exactly same. Ripe Savagnin grapes are allowed to get fermented to a particular level, then it is transferred into the barrels and finally the barrels are placed inside the caves of the Jura Mountain. While staying inside these well-ventilated caves, the wine forms a film of yeast on the surface. The barrels stay inside the cave for at least 6 years for proper formation of Vin Jaune wine.


Vin de Paille – It is the French version of straw wine, which is prepared with the ripest varieties of Savagnin, Chardonnay and Poulsard. This wine is made by drying the grapes inside the attic area of the house by suspending from the rafters or putting in small boxes. Traditionally, the grapes are supposed to be dried on straw mats for as long as 3 months. When the grapes reach the required amount of sugar level, they are pressed. It takes around 3 years to be ready. The best variety of Vin de Paille might have a honeyed flavor mixed with exotic fruity aroma.


Cremant du Jura – It is a kind of sparkling wine, made by using only the Chardonnay variety of grapes. Strict rules are observed while preparing the Cremant, such as the harvesting should be done by hand, the yields should match with the fixed criteria, the wine should sit for at least 1 year to get ready etc.


Macvin du Jura – It is a type of fortified wine, which is quite sweet in taste. For this Jura specialty, the fortification is done with the local brandy, marc du Jura. Macvin has been one of the oldest varieties of wine, which was even produced in early 14th century. Normally, five varieties of ripest grapes are used to prepare this wine. It takes about a year to ferment the wine inside the oak barrels. Finally, it gets fortified with the brandy. Depending on the color of the grapes used, the color of the liquor could be red or white.


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Jura - The New Wine-Capital Of The World