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Rann Utsav 2010- An Elaborate Affair

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Celebrations for the Rann Utsav in Kutch, 2010

Rann Utsav 2010- An elaborate affair promises to be a beautiful profusion of culture with dance and music in the midst of arid lands of Kutch, Gujarat. The carnival is all set to be spell-bound its visitors this year again from 19th December, through 21st December. The festival will begin in the interiors of the city, Bhuj and will then traverse its visitors to the interiors of Kutch districts for the grand finale. The festival will mark the presence of world-wide visitors with an elaborate number of 800. This is the time when the natives, visitors, international visitors and government officials all gather for celebrating Rann Utsav together and experiencing the cultural diversity of Gujarat.  


The festival is a great tourist attraction for both India and International visitors. As a matter of fact, the carnival has for years won world-wide acclamations for its exquisiteness in projecting the spirit and culture of the region. In the midst of the celebration, Kutch is often equated with an unbelievable land of beautiful hues, with a celebratory presentation of the region’s culture, art, people, dance and nature.

As per the tradition, the festival slated for this year, will be celebrated at the dawn of full moon night only. Also referred as the Rann Mahostav, this year’s three day carnival will traverse its visitors to the natural grandiose of the region. Performances based on the ethnical affiliations and cultural aspects of the region would be the special attractions to watch out this year. Exhibition of forms of the much-preserved and rich vernacular architecture and paintings would be once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the culture of the natives.

The most enchanting experience of this colourful fair would be the folk dance performances by the locals of Kutch, under the effect of shimmering stars and full moon.  The major participants of the festival would be native artisans, craftsmen, musicians, dancers of Kutch. Undoubtedly, the fest is believed to be the best place to witness the ingenuity of its native people.

The tourism authorities of the city Gujarat shoulder the entire responsibility of organising the fair annually. The regular visitors of the festival take pride at experiencing the true cultural mysticism of this beautiful arid land of Kutch. Those who have never visited the festival may avail for pre-planned packages during their December vacations. The package may offer stops like Kutch to attend the entire grandeur of the festival and then its nearby places like Lakhpat, Mandvi, Bhuj, Narayan Sarovar and more. 

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Rann Utsav 2010- An Elaborate Affair