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6 Queasy Animal-Based Beverages

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Invention, as they say, is the mother of necessity, has a different dimension now! Invention is now the key for better food and, no doubts, a great appetite. The recent creation of 6 Queasy Animal-Based Beverages is quite a charmer for all the carnivorous foodies! The limited variety in the meat based beverages triggered the creative bent of the food experts, who ultimately came up with the introduction of new 6 Queasy Animal-Based Beverages! Sodas and other sweeteners for making beverages is a passé now, as the animals are stepping in to make refreshing drinks! Wow... now that’s quite a drink-for-thought!

Here are some of the weirdest, wackiest and mind boggling Meat- based beverages to make you feel queasy!


Cheeseburger cocktail    

Now there is a cheeseburger in the drink too! The credit for this cheese-dripping cocktail goes to the Toronto based consultancy. The consultancy was awarded at the contest held to honour the National Sandwhich day, at New York. The main ingredients of this extra-ordinary drink are beef stock, pickles, cheddar and tomatoes.

Peruvian frog juice

The drink is prepared from a thick mixture of blended frogs! Efforts are done to actually hunt for living frogs from the aquarium, beat them when unconscious, peel off the skin and then blend them together. I would say no thank you for the drink as it sounds more like a cruel murder to me!

Deer Penis Wine

Before the name starts to titillate a mix of other emotions, let me warn you that this is another carnivorous drink selected among the top 6 Queasy Animal-Based Beverages. This absurd drink is the creation of China and is served as an instant relief from sports’ injuries. The wine has been conceived from the queasy effect of the herb, ephedrine.

Baby Mice Wine

When the meat of animals like cow, hen, goat, became redundant, the Korean food experts thought to experiment a new drink based on the meat of baby mice.  Imagine dozens of newborn rodents down in your bottle of wine.... the thought is nauseating for me! No mice for me please!

Snake blood

 Believe it not, snake blood is associated with increasing sexual prowess, in many cultures.  On this basis, the drink snake blood was invented centuries ago. However, the innovation in this new drink is the mix of snake blood with alcohol.

Bird’s nest soda

Thank god for the drink does not require the slaughter of any animal!! However, the drink does make a few birds homeless. This weird drink, bird nest soda, uses special saliva which is secreted by the birds to keep their nest protected from the outside animals. Though the concept of the drink is to trigger well-being and good feelings, the very name instils sympathy for the poor birdies!  

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6 Queasy Animal-Based Beverages