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The Story Of Michelle Obama's Growing Garden

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Michelle Obama's kitchen garden













The story of Michelle Obama’s growing garden is winning international acclaims for her ultra benevolent gestures. The story of Michelle Obama’s Growing Garden basically concentrates on her gestures towards propagating a better understanding of the importance of food-preservation. Michelle Obama and her kitchen garden event have attempted to encourage healthy food habits and fitness world-wide.


The United States has witnessed the presence of their first lady in almost every kitchen event, preaching the right growing and preservation habits for healthy crops. This year on October 29, 2010,  kitchen lady conducted her veggie-extravaganza in 1500 far scaped garden in the white house along with the esteemed presence of guests of the honour and students from Bancroft and Tubman Elementary School. Later the gathering feasted on the food cooked with the fresh produce of the garden.

The project, coined as Know Your Farmer, Know your Food, as Mrs Obama donning a teacher’s role, lessoning the world on the importance of food chain. She was right in the dirt with her guests and kids, teaching them ways to pluck and unearth the crops. The first lady describes this experience more as a personal choice, than obligation, in order to direct the eating habits of the young generation.

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The Story Of Michelle Obama's Growing Garden